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Still looking for help building custom modpack

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Someone had offered to help me, but has since not been around. As such, I am looking for someone that is willing to build a modpack for me to run on the technic launcher and instruct me in the creation of a local private server. 


Yes, I realize this may be allot to ask of someone, however, if someone is able to build a stable working pack with what I want, and help me get a server up and running with the corresponding mods on it, there may be reward in it for them (unless it takes flipping forever to make the pack), if they accept such things. 


Honestly, I have posted threads on multiple sites asking for help and have received less than helpful comments, so let me make this simple.


1: I have NO idea how to build a pack because ever time I try, it fails horribly.

2: I don't want to learn how to build a mod, work with java, or download any programs so as to code anything.

3: I would like to learn how to assemble a modpack (not a mod itself),  but that would be at the discretion of whoever decides to actually help me, IF anyone can see fit to do so.

4: I am only doing this so I can spend some time with my nephew. Since I moved away from home, he and I don't get to game like we used to, and we both kinda miss it.

5: I will likely need actual skype/ts3/ventrilo/raidcall help to set up the server.


If you are the kind of person that thinks you can help a clueless gamer reconnect with his nephew by way of gaming on a nicely modded minecraft client/server, please feel free and send me a private message.


Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help.

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Creating a server for your modpack is not extremely difficult, there are a just a few things which need to be done in the correct order to be successful. Building/assembling the pack itself consists of a few steps:

  • Setup test environment: You can do this yourself or you can use my BareBonesPack which makes things super easy. Simply add this modpack to your launcher and edit the settings to select your preferred version of MC (I highly recommend 1.7.10). http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/barebonespack.271497
  • Download mods: Getting the mods is often the most time consuming part of the process, depending on which ones you want. Creating a fun, balanced modpack can be challenging and your selection of mods is the primary focal point. This link should help you find the correct downloads for mods: http://forums.technicpack.net/topic/62513-new-to-technic-what-now/#comment-508175
  • Build process: It is crucial to build the pack carefully and methodically if you wish to maintain your sanity. This post explains my recommended process for using my BareBonesPack to create a modpack: http://forums.technicpack.net/topic/62318-minecraft-keeps-crashing/#comment-506458
  • Assembly process: The previous link has some details for how to assemble the modpack archive once you have the test environment where you want it.
  • Modpack hosting: Your modpack archive will need to be posted somewhere public which provides direct download links. I highly recommend http://copy.com/ as your file host. Register for an account (if you want to get some more space for you and me you can use this referral link: https://copy.com?r=cZHpBn ) and upload your completed modpack archive. Sharing the file will yield a public share URL to which you will append "?download=1" (without quotes) when configuring your modpack settings.
  • Technic Platform: Register for a platform account so you can create and maintain your pack. Their front page has information on how to register and create your modpack page.

Once you get a working client modpack we can proceed with creating a server. The creation of the server itself is rather trivial, but folks often want the ability to use plugins to enrich the play experience (requires the use of Cauldron which I can also help with... Cauldron is no longer publicly available due to DMCA insanity). You may also need to make some changes to your network depending on where/how you intend to host the server. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

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If you are willing to have a chat with me about a mod list, I can start working on downloading everything and having all the mods ready to put into a pack. My issue at this point, is I am not sure what has dependencies and what does not. There are small mods that make the game so much more enjoyable like iron chests, that if I did not already have someone tell me about them, I would not even know exist... and these are small things that I would like to have included. 


So, if you have the time, and are willing, perhaps, we can have a chat about recommended mods so I can start building a list and get to downloading.

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This is the list I came up with...

1: Reiminimap or journeymap (as long as I can see coordinates, and set waypoints)
2: treecapitator
3: damage indicators
4: galacticraft
5: industrialcraft
6: buildcraft
7: tinkers
8: Meckanism
9: optifine
10: quarry+
11: atomic science
12: hats
13: mystcraft
14: nei
15: vlotz
16: thermal expansion
17: minefactory reloaded
18: Balkon's Weapon Mod
19: Iron chests
20: biomes o plenty
21: Factorization
22: Inventory Tweaks
23: LogisticsPipes
24: MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits
25: Universal Electricity
Other than those, the only other things I can think of would be any dependencies those mods might have. But as stated, I dont know about alot of cool mods that I might like. If there is something else out there that is cool and not huge, please let me know. 
The only other thing I have noticed and wondered about is on some modpacks, i will have 3-4 different "copper ore" blocks from different mods and thus they are all in separate stacks. Is there any way to have all the mods use the same item number so I dont have that issue?
Thank you again for the help so far.
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  1. I recommend Liteloader + voxelMap for LiteLoader ( http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/225179-voxelmap/files and http://www.liteloader.com/download )
  2. Google (Requires bspkrsCore)
  3. Google
  4. http://ci.micdoodle8.com/job/Galacticraft-1.7/ (3 jars)
  5. http://forum.industrial-craft.net/ (may be down)
  6. Google
  7. Google (requires Mantle)
  8. http://ci.indiewikis.com:8080/job/Mekanism/
  9. Google
  10. Google (requires a specific version of Buildcraft)
  11. Google (Calclavia mods) (Now part of ResonantInduction, Requires ResonantEngine)
  12. Google (iChun mods, requires iChunUtil)
  13. Google
  14. Google (ChickenBones mod, requires CodeChickenCore)
  15. What is a "vlotz"?
  16. Google (TeamCoFH mod, requires CoFHCore and ThermalFoundation)
  17. Google (TeamCoFH mod)
  18. May not be a 1.7.10 version. Kind of pointless anyway since you have a glut of weapons.
  19. Google
  20. Google
  21. Google
  22. http://build.technicpack.net/job/Inventory-Tweaks/
  23. Google
  24. Not available yet. Kind of recommend against it anyway with this many mods adding armor, would trivialize much content.
  25. Google (Calclavia mod, required by ResonantInduction)
  26. You may want to add EnderIO to provide more power and item transport.

It would be recommended to disable ore generation in other mods (when possible) and use ThermalFoundation to do all ore spawning. However, this makes things "less trivial". MFR has a block called a Unifier which can consolidate resources (ore, metals, etc.) of different types to one preferred type. Fairly easy to use.


The items marked "Google" can be found following the guidelines in the previous post about "Getting Mods".

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15: Voltz (typing fast... sorry)

18: wanted this for the musket mostly


OK... read the list, will start downloading stuff... next questions are:


1: What version of MC is best for these mods? should I be running 1.7.10? Someone told me I needed to be on 1.64 because some of the mods were not compatible.


2: Do I need to get zip? .jar? universal? kinda lost on what is what

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Totally agree. Anything less than 1.7.10 is pretty much handicapping yourself at this point. Everything I listed (except for the stated exception) has a 1.7.10 version.


As for Voltz, that is an entire modpack made and maintained by the Technic group. If you want a few specific mods from there, and they have 1.7.10 versions, then go add them in. If you want to do the whole thing as a 1.7.10 pack plus a ton of other stuff that may be a bit ambitious for your first time out the chute.

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Totally agree. Anything less than 1.7.10 is pretty much handicapping yourself at this point.

I agree on this, unfortunately however there are a few 1.6.4 and pre mods that I really do enjoy and its unfortunate they never got updated. Those types of mods are the only extreme exceptions (ie: they're a crucial focal point for the modpack being created) that I would ever downgrade an entire modpack's mc version for.

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