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[0.6.5] Tekkit Lite It Up [PvP No Griefing][Few Restricted Items][666 Slots]


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 Welcome to Lite It Up Gaming's Tekkit Lite Server!

Our Tekkit Lite Server guarantees you a great community with friendly gameplay and some of the most custom and advanced plugins our java developers have to offer.


Join Our Website : http://www.liteitupgaming.net


What To Expect?


​- Great Professional Staff With 24 Hour Assistance On Our Teamspeak

- New Easy to Navigate Website http://liteitupgaming.net

- Secondary Tekkit Lite Server Customized For Progressive Play (REALMS)

- Mineral World With Boosted Ore rates for an augmented Quarry experience 

- No Pay To Play 

- Informative active forums

- Multiple Modpack Servers ( Hexxit, Bigdig, Ect )

- Great Donation Packs

And Much Much More!


Soon to Come:

- Fix for Mining Turtles

- RPG Vanilla HUB Server (Factions & Towny)



Warning: This Might be The Last Minecraft Community You Ever Join!




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