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Removal of Kellering

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May I suggest that Helen Kellering is changed to Snooki'ing. Keller was a deaf blind woman who made the best for herself (yes I realise that's why they're kellered).

Snooki is an orange fuckwit who couldn't read or write if she was arsed to learn how.

This isn't some form of touchy feely sentimentalism, I think that calling somebody a Snooki is way more insulting.

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Oh god, I dunno, i think that might be one of those "ultrabanned" membergroups.

a snooki membergroup doesnt say "warning, contents may be stupid" it says "oh fuck, there is so much stupid here that you are getting second degree burns from the stupid-radiation."

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the thing is, the concept behind the keller group is not that these people are a lost cause. the idea is that a keller still has a chance to redeem themselves, they can start posting like an intelligent person and turn it around, if they want to. granted, that does not happen as often as the person just whining about "dick administrators," but still.

on the other hand, snooki is just fucked, both literally and figuratively. also, do you really want people to inadvertently discover jersey shore thanks to this site? even if it's just one person, that'd be too many for me.

personally as well, blind and deaf describes these people VERY well IMO and snooki does not deserve having her name all over any website, let alone this one, IMO.

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Just Snooki the banned ones then and if anyone accuses Technic forums of being a gateway drug to Jersey Shore then Snooki them as well.

I have here in my hand a list of 205—a list of names that were made known to Kakeras being members of the Jersey Shore audience and who nevertheless are still playing and shaping policy in the Technic pack.

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