Voltz Crash Report and Suggestion 1 for Galacticraft 4

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'Sup guys, I have 2 things I wanna say on here, The first is a crash report. Whenever I try to load my singleplayer world with my cool space station on it, the game loads and halfway through it crashes. I've tried numerous times, all with the same results. The other thing I want to say is a suggestion for Galacticraft 4. I have a few ideas for new celestial bodies, items, mobs, etc. First thing is moving the goddarn oxygen level to the top left instead of the top right. It keeps getting in the way of the minimap. Some new celestial body ideas would be that you could go to the Sun. Your ship would need to be a really high tier, but a few items would be needed. The first is the surface cooler. Craft it with 4 blocks of iron on the bottom sides and middle sides, a dispenser on the bottom, 2 ice on the top and middle, and 2 deep frozen ice blocks on the top sides. Deep-frozen ice can be found in very scarce quantities deep inside the moon, and can be found in small amounts in comets that will occasionally crash on any celestial body except the sun. So your house might all of a sudden have the roof caved in and a giant hunk of ice in your living room. Deep-frozen ice will also not melt from light sources or even fire. It will actually extinguish fire in a 2-block radius and can only be melted by lava. It will also freeze objects from very far away by coating them with frost. Frost can be crafted from 4 ice shards which you obtain from mining packed ice or frost with a pickaxe. It attaches to any surface and any side of a block. Deep-frozen ice will also give players the slow effect in a 1-block radius. The other item for the space ship is coolant-heat-shields. You craft those by taking 2 steel plates on the sides, 1 copper sheet in the middle, and surrounding the rest with frost. Right behind the tip of your ship is the surface cooler, and you want to put 4 coolant-heat-shields on your ship, 1 on each corner. The rest is just a taller Tier 3 ship. This ship actually has no tier, but is instead called "Project Helios Rocket." (Helios is the Greek god of the sun. Apollo is a mis-conception, and is really just the god of poetry, music, and healing.) When you get to the sun, you will be standing on a block called cooled plasma. There will be small islands of cooled plasma all over the Sun which you can get to by making bridges of fire-proof blocks. To go anywhere past the surface of the Sun, you need a new item. On some of the islands of cooled plasma there should be a few blocks of "Helium Ion Plasma" that can be mined by a reinforced pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe. (Or any other high-tier modded pickaxe.) Helium Ion Plasma can not be smelted, but instead must be crafted in the middle of your crafting table along with 8 deep-frozen ice blocks surrounding it to make Helium Ion ore. This can be smelted into Helium Gems, which will be used to make our next important item: The solar drill. The solar drill will require 2 surface coolers on the sides, 1 drill (3 iron blocks on the bottom, 1 iron ingot in the middle, and an iron nugget on the top. Iron ingots craft into 9 iron nuggets.) on the top, a helium gem block in the middle (which looks super cool by the way), 2 minecarts on the bottom sides and a furnace at the bottom. You can place the solar drill down on top of any cooled plasma blocks, and will be quite big. If you're playing co-op the drill actually has 2 seats, so a buddy can ride with you. The drill is fueled by helium gems. It can drill 12 blocks down for every gem. Helium Ion Plasma is fairly abundant underneath he surface, so make frequent mining stops to keep your drill well-fueled. As you drill, your vehicle will cool down the plasma around you. Also, Helium Ion Plasma will be cooled by the drill to make Helium Ion Ore, so you can save coal that way. Your drill can go in all directions including up, so it can also serve as your elevator. A bit deeper down, you will find a new type of plasma called Super-heated Plasma instead of the normal kind. This block will kill you quickly if you get close, and you need a special armor to protect you, but it's fairly cheap. Just take your reinforced armor and for each piece just put it in the middle of the table and surround it with helium gems in the pattern of that same armor. (So a reinforced helium chestplate will have a reinforced chestplate in the middle, and helium gems on the sides, top sides, bottom, and bottom sides, but not the top.) This armor will protect you from ALL heat-related damage including lava and super-heated plasma. Even burning arrows will only do normal arrow damage. Anyways, with your new shiny armor on, you are free to proceed drilling even further down. Underneath a few super-heated plasma blocks will eventually be some new Ion Plasma. This one is Lithium-Ion Plasma, and is extremely useful. You go through the standard de-plasmatizing procedures as helium ion plasma and get ore, smelt it, and voila, you get lithium crystals! Obviously, this can be turned into tools and reinforced armor, and such, and the tools also use a special type of stick that is basically is a diagonal pattern, 2 helium gems and 1 lithium crystal to make a reinforced grip. (lithium crystal is in the middle.) lithium blocks aren't used for anything other than building, or storing crystals, except one little thing. If you keep digging down, you will eventually find the Core of the Sun. Even in creative mode it can't be mined, unless you copy it and place it yourself or something. If you Surround the Core of the Sun with 6 lithium blocks, and then another 18 helium gem blocks in a circle pattern, you will get a loading screen, but when you return to the game, the Sun will have cooled down. Cooled Plasma will now be a lot more abundant, and there will be enough space in some areas to build a city. Alright guys, I'll write some more about this tomorrow, but for now I'm gonna go play Halo. Write any ideas you'd like in response. Who knows, we may wake up one day and be able to go to the Sun!

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have you ever read a book before? No author would ever write a wall of text like this, it becomes cumbersome to read and turns readers away.


I only bothered to read the first line with the words: crash report. Report that on the Tracker, not on Modpack discussion.

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      Hey Guys,
      5 years ago I was playing the Modpack "FreekPack T3kk1t L1te+V0ltz".
      If i want to play it richt now i´ll get an error at the 2nd start of the game.
      could you please help me to find an equal modpack?

      I just need that quarry and electric engines (slow, regular, fast and ajustible engines). All the other mod are optional (but nice) for me.
      I´m looking for more than 2 days richt now :*O
      thank you very much