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cant change my profile photo and not sure why

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topic title says it all i cant change my prifile photo and i dont have a clue as to why and for some reason i am i na group called hallen keller no clue why im in that group and dont know how to get out of it if i was put there buy a mod or admin for somethign i might have done i am sorry for what ever it was but i dont remember doig any hting against the rules

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I'm guessing it is for the asking when Tekkit is going to update, which is against the rules. But I'm no mod and have no access to the exact reason why.

Just avoid breaking rules from now on and your Helen Keller status will be lifted in due time.

well its been liek this for some time thats why i siad i dont even remember whati did to get it

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how might i do that my dear

scroll down until you see the blue words "The Moderating Team", click on it and a list of lovely candidates will appear.


Choose one with a red title and send him a PM.


another alternative is contacting admins on technic irc. It can be found by googling "technic irc".

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