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*Force* enable OpenGL

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In my vanilla MC I have enalbed OpenGL, as MC then perfoms much better on my system and there is far less lag.

However, when I use Tekkit, I try to enable OpenGL in the settings menu and it simply refuses to be any other value other than "Off". How do I enable it?


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As the info popupthingymagic says, advanced OpenGL is only available if your graphics card supports it. Yours does not seem to.

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Do you acctually mean Advanced OpenGL...?

Your question confuses me, as Minecraft is rendered on your screen using OpenGL Technologies - So, Yes... MC allows you to use OpenGL, as thats all it can use.

If you do mean Advanced OpenGL then great, enjoy slightly better cloud rendering.

Optifine can acctually make minecraft worse on less powerful systems unless tweaked.

Here is how to get max FPS out of optifine:

For maximum FPS use:

- Graphics: Fast

- Render Distance: Short/Tiny

- Smooth Lighting: OFF

- Performance: Max FPS

- AdvancedOpenGL: Fast

- Clouds: OFF

- Fog: OFF

- Animations: All OFF

- Sky: OFF

- Stars: OFF

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