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Can't create an Account

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So, I've been trying for the past few days to create a Platform Account, since I have a couple of modpacks ready to upload. I decided after a couple of failed attempts to wait until after the Christmas update/conversion thingy, so today I tried again, and this time at least it says that I have created an account rather than just crashing the webpage. But I think it's actually worse now, because even though I have received a verification e-mail and clicked the link multiple times, copied and pasted it into the URL bar, opened in new tab etc. all it does is take me to the Login page, except when I try to login it tells me to verify my account through my e-mail. I tried to create a new account, but it still registers that my username and e-mail have been taken by the account that doesn't work. So, is their anything I can do? Do I have to wait for a day or something after clicking the link? Am I missing something important or an easy fix? Or have I screwed something up majorly?

Also, I wasn't sure if this was a bug or not, or where to put it, so I put it here.

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You do not need to re-register. The update was a code update. No data was changed. Your previous accounts and modpacks should still be there.

Yeah, my problem was that I couldn't register for the first time.

However, it seems to have fixed itself without anyone's help or any prodding from me.

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