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Technic solder on Win Server 2012?


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The fact that the JSON response is missing the version number (it's blank) indicates that either the platform isn't connecting to the database properly, that the database is not set up correctly, or something isn't configured correctly. Other than to state the obvious, that you did not properly follow the installation procedures, I'm not sure what else to suggest. I'm not trying to be snarky or critical. I followed the instructions precisely as written on a new installation for WIndows and everything worked as expected, but I have decades of application deployment experience so I may be subconsciously doing something not specified in the instructions.

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I'll try to reinstall it again then, and hope it works now XD

git clone https://github.com/TechnicPack/TechnicSolder.git


composer install



configure the database and the repo location



php artisan migrate:install


and php artisan migrate


and lastly php artisan up


that should be it right or am I missing a step?

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okay, so after installing it (in those steps I wrote above) I get this when I try to login in..



exception 'ErrorException' with message 'Undefined offset: 1' in W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderapplibrariesUpdateUtils.php:124
Stack trace:
#0 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderapplibrariesUpdateUtils.php(124): IlluminateExceptionHandler->handleError(8, 'Undefined offse...', 'W:xampphtdocs...', 124, Array)
#1 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderapplibrariesUpdateUtils.php(81): UpdateUtils::getLocalChangeLog()
#2 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderappcontrollersDashboardController.php(16): UpdateUtils::getChangeLog()
#3 [internal function]: DashboardController->getIndex()
#4 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSoldervendorlaravelframeworksrcIlluminateRoutingController.php(231): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#5 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(5834): IlluminateRoutingController->callAction('getIndex', Array)
#6 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(5822): IlluminateRoutingControllerDispatcher->call(Object(DashboardController), Object(IlluminateRoutingRoute), 'getIndex')
#7 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(5027): IlluminateRoutingControllerDispatcher->dispatch(Object(IlluminateRoutingRoute), Object(IlluminateHttpRequest), 'DashboardContro...', 'getIndex')
#8 [internal function]: IlluminateRoutingRouter->IlluminateRouting{closure}()
#9 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(5385): call_user_func_array(Object(Closure), Array)
#10 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(5052): IlluminateRoutingRoute->run(Object(IlluminateHttpRequest))
#11 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(5040): IlluminateRoutingRouter->dispatchToRoute(Object(IlluminateHttpRequest))
#12 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(715): IlluminateRoutingRouter->dispatch(Object(IlluminateHttpRequest))
#13 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(696): IlluminateFoundationApplication->dispatch(Object(IlluminateHttpRequest))
#14 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(7812): IlluminateFoundationApplication->handle(Object(IlluminateHttpRequest), 1, true)
#15 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(8419): IlluminateSessionMiddleware->handle(Object(IlluminateHttpRequest), 1, true)
#16 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(8366): IlluminateCookieQueue->handle(Object(IlluminateHttpRequest), 1, true)
#17 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(11029): IlluminateCookieGuard->handle(Object(IlluminateHttpRequest), 1, true)
#18 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderbootstrapcompiled.php(657): StackStackedHttpKernel->handle(Object(IlluminateHttpRequest))
#19 W:xampphtdocsTechnicSolderpublicindex.php(49): IlluminateFoundationApplication->run()
#20 {main}

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I get some text saying


"commit 16351adba696d4c09d586c2f4747729bf74be11d
author: genpage <some e-mail adress>
Date: Sun Jan 4 01:15:21 2015 -0500

added help-blocks that the donation field is currently only used by official" something


and a few more of that, I guess that is the changelog right?

Edited by FrostyZaij
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  • Discord Moderator

Correct. The error you are getting is being generated because the code parsing the formated log output (around line 124 in UpdateUtils.php) is failing to explode the output correctly and the array index isn't what's expected. However, This may be because you have one of the path setting misconfigured or something is being mis-detected and the git command is running from the wrong location. Might be time to take this to the IRC channel and ask GenPage.

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I'll try to reinstall everything and see if that helps, should I install all the programs on my C drive instead of the W one I use now?  and setup the locations that I host from on my W drive? I also, doubt they will help me with a windows installation since in the Wiki it says it is not supported.. :/

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Okay, that is good to know, I thought that it maybe had something to do with that, maybe the firewall or something is blocking it? I saw a thing on the issues site that it was someone having almost the same problem and it was the host blocking something, I'll try to disable the firewall and the Anti-virus software and see if it works then...

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  • 2 weeks later...

The reason for the "Undefined offset: 1" error is due to the fact that the git command Solder is trying to execute through PHP is not returning what it is suppose to. I have code in development to rectify this issue and many others. I'd like to note that Windows is not supported, meaning that support is not guaranteed for Solder on the Windows operating system. I have decided not to pursue Windows compatibility testing until later down the road to save myself the stress of trying to fix so many bugs.

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