[1.7.10]Ruffiancraft [PVE][20 slots][Open][Ruffiancraft Tech & Magic]

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We are RuffianCraft, part of a gaming community called Riff Raff Syndicate.

We have more than 3 years of experience in maintaining a minecraft server and 3 years hosting other game servers.

We try to present you a different minecraft experience than the simple join, gather resources, build then get bored server.




2 x 300GB RAID 1 SSD Hard Disks

Quad Core CPU

6GB Ram

1GB up/down link

24/7 Uptime (excluding updates and ocasional reboots)




- Four worlds to choose from:

- Overworld: The normal world where everyone can build and survive no pvp

- Twilight: A alternate universe for the adventurer

- Creative: A creative world where you can build till you drop. (item’s dont carry over, Currently Closed)

- Mining: Tired of the no strip mining rule? Well in this world you can mine as YOU want.

- Each world is bounded to a radius of 4000 blocks in each direction.

- A book shows our rules and other information (given upon joining)

- Player driven city’s. Join existing or make your own town

- Grief protection tools

- Monthly events

  • Stargates to travel between worlds

- Teamspeak server over 100 slots! ts.riffraffsyndicate.com






Our website is currently under construction and will be live soon:

- Web auction system

- Web API to control your account, transfer items, manage your protection area's and many more features to come with it.

- Forum community, chat with your fellow players of minecraft or join another game area that is available on the forums.

- Forum link: Ruffiancraft Forum



- Essentials

- Chestshop

- CraftIRC

- FirstJoinPlus

- Permission Ex

- Prism (anti grief tool)

- Mob Arena




- Bound Shovel

- Bound Axe

- Bound Pickaxe



World Overworld:

- No griefing

- No PVP

- No stealing

World Creative:

- No destroying other peoples builds

World Twilight:

- No griefing

- No pvp

- No stealing

- No dungeon breaking (means leave the dungeon intact)


- No bug exploits

- No requesting day/night from staff

- No requesting everyone to sleep



Server Address: mc.ruffiancraft.com


We run a custom modded server so in order to play with us you need to do the following:

- Use this link for the technicpack modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ruffiancraft-tech-magic-pack.520539 or search on the launcher for Ruffiancraft

- Install it

- Be sure to check your java settings, recommended to have atleast 3GB available

- Connect to the above address

- Profit!!!



- Timeout present when nobody is in the server for more than an hour. Solution is being worked on.




Version 0.8 - Soldering around - 04-03-2015

Updated modpack to use solder.

Version 0.7 - More astetics plox - 31-01-2015


Updated the following mods:
Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.4.4 - MC 1.7.10.jar
Pam's DesertCraft 1.7.10a.zip
Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10f.jar


Version 0.6.1 - Machines are upgrading - 20-01-2015

Updated Buildcraft - 6.3.1
Updated Mekanism - 1.2.157
Updated EnderIO -
Updated Railcraft -


Version 0.6 - Thermal release imminent - 19-01-2015

- Updated CodeChickenCore -
- Updated EnderStorage -
- Updated NotEnoughItems -
- Updated CofhCore - 3.0.0B9-40
- Updated Thermalexpansion - 4.0.0B8-23
- Updated ThermalFoundation - 1.0.0RC1-13
- Updated WR-CBE -
- Updated OpenComputers -
- Updated Optifine - 1.7.10 HD B4 / 1.7.10 HD U B4
- Added standard version of optifine as default


Version 0.5 - Maps need mapping - 12-01-2015

- Updated Yourneymap to 5.0.1


Version 0.4 - It has started - 10-01-2015

- Started Technicpack version


We look forward to seeing you online!

Edited by DanteChaos

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The login issue is something which happens when nobody has been playing for a while.

A solution for this is being worked on and is planned to be released this evening.

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Updated to version 0.6.2


There is still an issue of time out when entering a empty server. We are working on this.
When there are players in it will not happen.

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It took some time but we updated to V 0.8.1 and are using Solder from this point forward. No more long downloads.

For the people who use MultiMc the update will follow shortly.

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Updated to 0.8.3

Updated COFH mods
Updated Chisel
Updated Opencomputers
Updated Buildcraft
Updated Mekanism
Updated Project Red
Updated Twilightforest
Updated Applied energistics
Added optimizer mod FastCraft

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