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Problem with skin ._.


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Hey everyone =) . How's doin'? Anyway.... Today I've finally loaded for first time Hexxit modpack (why? because on older version of Techinc Launcher I couldn't get any modpacks) and I instantly ran into a problem. The problem is, that in game  I see my skin as Steve's skin (default skin), but not my skin. My PC is connected to internet, I have bought minecraft account. So I don't really know how to solve this problem :P . If someone knows how to fix this problem, please tell me ok? It will be BIG THANKS.

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    • By Nyktophobia
      I have changed my skin via my Mojang account however my technic account isn't updating as to show/play with the newly changed skin. Could you please aid me with trying to get my launcher/account to recognize the new skin linked to my Mojang account. (I have tried logging in and out of both accounts in varying combinations in addition to making sure the skin had changed for the default Minecraft launcher, which it did . My friend is also currently experiencing the same issues
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      my skin dosent show in game but show on the launcher can you help me 
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      I've been having some issues my character skin in tekkit legends, if I'm in the over world it causes my character model to be steve no matter what but as soon as I go to the nether it changes to what I have it set for. Also tried using a tecture pack (sphax bd craft) but it just caused my character skin to be all deformed and had textures on the wrong body parts. Please help!!
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      hello my name is matt,
      im playing tekkit but 1 thing it annoying me, my skin is completely black in colour, when i have changed my skin to a stormtrooper,
      im not sure what it is but i would like to know how to fix it as i tryed going on minecraft.net to fix it and no luck,
      any help i will be thankful,
      best regards matt
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      Whenever I launch Tekkit Legends. My usual skin shows up on the main menu on the right, and shows up correctly in singleplayer. But whenever I go onto a multiplayer server, my skin goes to a default Steve skin. Once I go back to the main menu it shows as my skin again.
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