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Adding LiteLoader to Custom 1.7.10 Modpack

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After a long time of looking around and attempting several things I cannot get liteloader added to my custom modpack.  It is 1.7.10 so according to other post this is suppose to be easy....*sigh*


I have made a pack with MultiMC and it all works in it but I cannot find how to add it to my modpack and honestly my head is so spinning I don't know where I am screwing up most.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


If you need the download here:

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Thank you for a quick response, but I did just as you said.  I already had an installer and made the /jar file with the extract function, but when I re-install my modpack from the launcher it loads vanilla MC.  


I truly appreciate the help, but I am missing just something small I feel. 

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  • The contents of your modpack are in a subfolder named "Death Surrounds". The required folders (/bin/, /config/, /mods/) must be at the top level of the folder structure inside the modpack archive.
  • You have two different versions ( and of all three Galacticraft mods. Remove the older versions.
  • I highly recommend updating to the latest AE2rv2 and ExtraCells mods.
  • You have multiple mods named BlahBlah-1.7.10.jar. Almost no authors name their mods this way. However, many mod scraping websites rename their mods in that fashion. The implication is that you aren't getting the mods from the author's preferred distribution channels. This is always bad and often results in old versions of mods (your case) and increases your risk of getting malware on your PC.
  • You have the MDK ZIP file. This is the Mekanism Development Kit and is only for use by mod authors. It should not be in your modpack.
  • Your "Modular-Powersuits-Addons-Mod-1.7.10.jar" file is actually MMMPS Addons for 1.6.4 with a renamed file name.

Okay. I stopped at this point and did not attempt to run the pack. It's obvious that this pack has never been successfully started. Nearly all of your mods are either quite out of date or are from sketchy downloads. You need to build the pack methodically. You cannot just grab 130+ mod files, throw them in a /mods/ folder and expect the pack to work. This post should help you:

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Do I need to edit those files, because I read some and I thought that was only for 1.6.4 and previous versions?
1) That was defiantly my mistake when I zipped it up.
2) I corrected this a few times, and somehow it copied them in again. They are removed.
3) The AE2rv2 is in Beta and when I attempt to add that version it crashes the game, so I planned to use a stable release.
4) I originally started downloading from one of those sites and have replaced several.  There are only 11 blahblah-1.7.10 versions left and I scanned all for viruses before I used them. 
5) MDK Zip has been removed, thank you for the tip.
6) This has been corrected as well
Overall I am somewhat surprised that you jumped to the conclusion that it "obviously" has never been ran successfully, because in the initial post I stated that I used MultiMC and have been running it fine in there.  I did methodically add the mods in and tinkered with them when they failed.  Not sure why you went right to the notion that just because some folks dump 130 mods together that everyone that asks for help does that as well.  I would expect this response from you if I asked why does my modpack not run at all, but I am asking how to add liteloader into the technic structure as MultiMC did that for me.
Although thank you all for help!
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When listing issues with a modpack, nothing I state here should ever be taken personally. I attempt to be exceptionally thorough in my analysis. In the case of your modpack, as it stood when I downloaded it, the pack could never have started under any launcher or platform. The existence of multiple versions of the same mod will crash Forge every time. If you were able to start and use a different version of the pack than what was offered at the time I have no way of knowing that and must perform the analysis based on what is at hand. Here are a few more items of note:

  • Your modpack archive has changed, but the pack version number has not been incremented. I noticed this because I use an "out of band" system to acquire the modpack download and metadata, and keep old copies of packs which have active support threads. If I was simply using the Launcher to debug the pack directly it would have never been notified that a new version was available. Incrementing the pack version number any time the modpack archive changes is required.
  • Your pack does have config files in it (for which I am quite happy) so some version of the pack must have been started at some point. My statement about "this pack never being successfully started" was only in reference to the modpack as it was at the time of testing.
  • AE2rv2 may be "beta", but it is much farther along in stability than AE2rv1 with a much more fleshed out tech tree. That being said, it looks like you have the AE2Stuff mod which must be updated, along with ExtraCells, to the AE2rv2 branch in order to work properly. This may have been the source of the crash you experienced.
  • FPS Plus mod is throwing what look to be fairly critical errors in the FML log and looks like it isn't loading. You might want to look into that.
  • Open Peripherals is throwing an exception related to BC API in the FML log. It may not be compatible with BC 6.3.x.

None of these issues look fatal, at least for initially launching a SSP world. Provided you update the pack version number, the modpack should start successfully in the launcher.

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Yes, the version.json needs to be edited and packaged inside the modpack.jar nine times out of ten. This is because in the version.json you are specifying a load order inside the minecraft wrapper. If you do not do this, it is likely that forge and liteloader will conflict/behave weirdly or as you stated, liteloader simply won't work. Make the changes, and zip your edited version.json inside the modpack.jar file, replacing the previous one.

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Saw this, and wanted to offer my help, as i had to figure it out alone back in the day when no one knew how to.


To install liteloader succesfully, you should got in the version.json inside your modpack.jar

add this to the "Minecraft arguements"


--tweakClass com.mumfrey.liteloader.launch.LiteLoaderTweaker




--tweakClass cpw.mods.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker


Then under "Libraries" in the version.json add this


      "name": "com.mumfrey:liteloader:1.7.10",
This will set it up to download it for you, as putting liteloader in the mods folder may not work correctly, because it also downloads some things to 
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Just because things like this are always caught in search indexes, I wanted to tack on a bit more information.


The "correct" way to install LiteLoader for Forge/MC 1.7.10 in a custom modpack implemented through the Technic Launcher is to:

  1. Download the LiteLoader installer from the author.
  2. Run the JAR and extract the mod to a folder of your choice.
  3. Place the extracted jar in your modpack's /mods/1.7.10/ folder.

Can you get it working other ways? Yes. However, it is always advisable to deliver everything that your modpack needs inside the modpack archive.

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Alright all I'm back. With the weekend in there I was not around to test these ideas, but thank you all for the input.


First all,  I tested somethings and got it working by putting the liteloader mod into the 1.7.10 folder AND adding the following code into the versions.json.


      "name": "com.mumfrey:liteloader:1.7.10",

      "url": "http://dl.liteloader...com/versions/" 



I now have the mod up and working very smoothly.


Secondly, I am now testing my modpack and would like to invite you and anyone to try it out.If you would like to test it at the least please enjoy it!! If you have time please message me and tell me anything, you like it, hate it, something is broke, something needs added. Feedback would be great!!

Thanks for all the help!!

Edited by Andy Miller
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