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TE vs. IC2?


The fundamental question  

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  1. 1. Should I use IC2 and MJ compatible mods or TE and RF based mods?

    • Thermal Expansion/Redstone Flux!
    • Industrial Craft 2 and whatever's still compatible!
    • Other answer (leave a reply)

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At the moment I'm working on a futuristic-apocalyptic modpack, and I'm frankly not sure what to use as my tech mod base. 


In this day and age, RF is the most common and built upon electricity system, so there's no denying that Thermal Expansion and a supplement of addon/compatible mods would provide the best selection of high tech gizmos. However, the modpack I'm working on is built around a story, and the story has a base in science rather than magic. Unfortunately, TE and RF in general is a whole 'lotta bologna when it comes to scientific background. IC2, while out of the loop with other mods, is very much more science oriented; featuring joules of electricity, carbon fiber powersuits, and semi real power sources. It would just fit the theme more than TE does.


So, my question is this; is it wiser to use RF based tech mods for the sake of variety or IC2(and whatever mods are still compatible) for realistic basis?

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I am a little confused on how you say that IC2 appears to you as "more realistic" approach rather than any other mod.

Gregtech (I have not used it much) may surely be an alternative, but from the point of possibilities and compatibility with other mods, I'd highly suggest Thermal Expansion.

I personally do not see how TE is not being realistic (enough) for a future-apocalyptic setting (Redstone Arsenal? Solar Flux?). Furthermore there are plenty of mods out there which are compatible with TE and potentially add more to the setting you are striving for.

With IC2 you might be limited to certain mods or you need to deal with several electricities (RF, MJ, IC, etc.).


But that is just me :)

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If you're going to also add Modular Powersuits, I'd go with TE...probably.  Making TE4 the main tech mod means adding at least EnderIO, Buildcraft, or Mekanism (preferably EnderIO) for conduits and such, since they're not released yet by Team COFH (Thermal Dynamics).  If you are not planning on adding MPS (and probably MPS Addons), I'd consider adding IC2 anyway, just for nano, quantum, and the nano saber/mining laser/other powered items.  It's kind of all up to you, though.

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