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"Damaging an Enderman inside a Smelter"...?

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Acquired by smelting ender pearls in the Magma Crucible. Or by damaging an Enderman inside a smelter, each tick of damage they receive will provide 250 mB of Resonant Ender.

What does this mean, 'damaging an Enderman inside a smelter'...? I have no clue what 'smelter' there could be that an Enderman could even be inside for this purpose... I could use some help understanding this, cause i'm getting Mad Tekkit Science thoughts of piping my XP from my Grinders to a Auto-Spawner that is set up to Spawn Endermen that could then be killed this way to create a source of Resonant Ender... is this even possible...?


Many thanks for your time. :)

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This is quite definitely referring to a Smeltery, a multiblock from Tinker's Construct. You can throw all kinds of strange things in there - mobs or players get you blood, which even has a use. Endermen just don't bleed like the rest of us, it seems.


You can of course go pedestrian and just smelt Ender Pearls in that thing. Too bad you can't test it in Tekkit, because Tinker's Construct is not in the pack. It's popular, and included in many packs. Just not in Tekkit.


The easy way to get Resonant Ender in Tekkit is >EE3-chaining for Ender Pearls and smelting them down in a Magma Crucible.

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Ahh, many thanks for the response. Seems odd that Tekkit can't do that when I woulda swore I thought i've seen Tinker's something or other in it before... but my Memory isn't any good so i'm not about to rely on it.


Edit: Ahh, I just looked it up in-game & it was Tinker's Alloy I was thinking of... but it's a Thermal Expansion item. Not the same. Anyway, many thanks for the EE3 Link, i'm gonna give it a good read... i've not yet started exploring EE3 yet, & lookin like it'll be good to learn about. Those Gold Armor pieces rarely droppin off Mobs... I was sitting here wishing I could recycle them into something useful all this time, now my Wish is answered! Can eventually lead to additional supply of Resonant Ender as well, I can use plenty of it. :D

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