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Looking for players to test out my modpack called Ryong Modpack. I can't properly find and fix bugs and crashes without help finding them. The pack is a custom building pack with unique blocks, npcs, cars, furniture, plants and animals. Everything you need to build a civilization. there are also some techy mods with a pinch of pvp with the flans content packs. A when you're having some builder block, take a break and try out some fun mods like Clay warriors and Fossils and Archaeology, hunt for magic clovers and grow your own villagers. 

Either way its sure to make you smile and build something epic. For a list of all mods in my pack go to Ryong Modpack and look under the About tab. I'm look forward to hear what you think about it and some suggestions on how to make it better

Thank much and see you soon!!! ^_^



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    • By NVRGP22
      Hello there. I have been fighting this issue for a while now, but now im mad enough to make a forum post about this. After 2 weeks, i still cannot find any way to solve this issue.
      I have updated windows, used DDU to delete my gpu driver, reinstalled my gpu driver, updated my bios, deleted then reinstalled every version and instance of minecraft, java and every launcher, Set the technic launcher to the newest version of java, oldest version of java. Tried running the program from an ssd, checked with another gpu, still nothing. I have sent the logs to the discord bot, but it found nothing out of the ordinary [ Im Matt Moody#0101 ]. I have no idea what is happening now.

    • By proofshy
      So I have been trying to make my own but it does not seem to work even tough I have done everything correctly, (i checked this with people who knew more about it with me and they got stuck too)
      or maybe were just noobs   
      however that is not the point
      I am looking for a mod pack for builders
      that includes more types of trees mods
      more types of biomes mods
      more types of mobs mods
      and furniture mods
      and more item mods
      and that one mod that i saw somewhere with helpful villagers could be fun too but isn't necessary lol
      it doesn't have to be perfect but what is the mod pack that gets closest to this idea? 
      don't be a  <redacted> because i couldn't make the mod pack myself by the way, lets be real, if it already exists why make another one?
    • By CStan96
      I'm at a loss. I've been playing my modpack for a month now and after updating to 1.16.5, it fails to launch as it loads Minecraft assets. I managed to get it to launch once, but it was vanilla Minecraft.

      RAM: 8gb
      MC Version: 1.16.5
      Forge: forge-1.16.5-36.1.0-installer
      Pastebin won't work (404 error) so here's the error log:
    • By Capio13
      So I have been working on a modpack of mine lately, recently switched computers to a higher end one, and here I am working on the first update I have done for this modpack since I got the new pc. I make sure to test to make sure all the mods work together in a test pack, and then I decide to zip up the mods,scripts(for crafttweaker), llibrary, coremods, config, cache, bin, and the .mixin.out folder into one neat folder like I have done in the past. So here i go and upload the folder onto dropbox and test downloading the update through the technic launcher, instead of the name of the folder, it starts downloading a folder with the name of the version it is on the website, and when I launch it, it is just a fresh install of forge with none of the mods or anything. I don't know what went wrong in the process, but I need some help. Here's the DL Link and the modpack link.
      DL link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nn2zia9l4g9u6sa/EOI 0.2.0.zip?dl=0
      Modpack Link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/eoi-devbuild.1783065

      TLDR; It is defaulting to a fresh install of forge with no mods even though I have done the exact same thing I did in the past.
    • By Zvery
      Hi, My modpack seems to not be opening whenever I press play. It takes me out of the Technic screen at first then it goes back to the Technic screen here are my logs
      cX8tNvDL (3).txt
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