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[1.7.10]Harbor Way Server[RPG][60][Harbor Way Server Modpack]

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Link to server's website:

Link to modpack:
-AdvancedGenetics 1.5.6
-AnimatedPlayer v1.4
-AnimationAPI 1.7.2
-Apothecary 1.0
-AquaticAbyss 1.7.2
-ArchimedesShips v1.7.2
-Backpack v 1.7.2
-BiblioCraft 1.7.2
-Buildcraft 6.0.16
-Calendar 1.7.2
-Carpenters Blocks 3.2.6
-ChatBubbles 1.7.2
-Chimneys 1.7.2
-CocoaCraft 1.63
-CodeChickenCore 1.7.2
-CoffeeAndTeaMod 1.0.1
-ColorBlocks 1.7.2
-Crash 1.7.2
-CustomNPC 1.7.2
-DiseaseCraft 1.0.2
-DecoCraft v1.10
-Dyeable Beacons 1.1.1
-Enchiridion 1.1
-Extinguisher v0.1
-Factorization 0.8.82
-Fireplaces v0.1
-Flans Mod 4.2.3

*WW2 Content Pack
*Manus Civil Content Pack
*Simple Parts Content Pack
*Manus Parts Content Pack
*YeOle Content Pack
*Modern Weapons Content Pack
*Danish Addon WW2 Content Pack
*Manus WW2 Content Pack
*EliteGuns Content Pack 
*DCsGun Content Pack
*Titan Content Pack
*Military Equipment Content Pack 
*Kevin&Vinis Survival Content Pack
*Manus Modern Warfare Content Pack

-Forestry 1.7.2 Dev
-Galacticraft BETA 1.7.2
-GGGlasses 1.7.2-11
-Glenn's Gases
-GraveStone 2.8.5
-GrimCore v0.2
-Hammsteriffic v0.2.0
-IndustrialCraft 2.1.484
-Kicthen Mod 1.2.2
-Localized Weather & Stormfront
-Mantle (1.7.2) 2.2
-Mariculture b11
-MCHeli Mod
-Minecraft Comes Alive 1.7.2
-Miner's Friend
-MoDrinks 2.02
-MrCrayfishFurnitureMod 3.3.5
-Natura (1.7.2) 2.2
-NuclearCraft 1.7.2
-Oceancraft 1.4
-OpenComputers 1.3.0
-Optifine 1.7.2 HD-U-D3
-PlantMegaPack 1.7.2
-RadioXCore v1.7.2
-Railcraft 1.9
-Rancraft Penguins 1.7.2p
-RoadWorks 2.01
-SecurityCraft 1.5.11
-SiriusMC v1.7.2
-SlimeVoid Library
-SoundsCool 1.0 RC6
-SpecialArmor 1.7.2
-ShaderModCore 2.3.18
-Stone Plus v0.6
-SushiCraft 10.1.0
-Village Taverns 2.2.1
-VoxelMap 1.7.2 v1
-Universal Electricity
-Waterpipe 1.14.2
-Weather2 v2.3.5
-Balkon's Weapon Mod 1.14.2
-DrZharks MoCreatures
-Javal Cars v11
-Lampchops v14
-Pam's DesertCraft
-Pam's Get all the seeds
-Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.2
-Pam's Random Plants
-Pam's Temperate Plants
-Pam's WeeeFlowers 1.7.2



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    • By Vasiva
      Hi everyone, I'm searching for cheap hosting preferably up to 13$ for 1month where I can play with my friends. I want to set up 1.12.2 pack on this serwer and recommended RAM is 3,5GB and space disk slightly above 3GB. I'm from Europe and want hosting to be in Europe so my ping will be normal. Any recommendations? Thanks for help
    • By Skyy
      Heya all,

      I was wondering if there a way on Technic with Flan's to allow a user to download my modpack which contains the Flan's mod, and also the content packs for the Flan's mod.

      Thanks in advance!
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      So when I got to ModPacks, I go to install any mod, let just say like Tekkit Legends, after pressing install nothing happens, but right next to the install button appears a delete pack button, but there is no play button, so I go to the ModPack install Directory, and its absoulutely empty, so for some reason the ModPacks are not installing, if anyone can help me i would highly appreciate it. Thank you
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      A journey with next to no end!
       Modpack link:https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/edges-of-infinity.1770571
      Discord link:https://discord.gg/uCscFpNNkk
      Welcome to the Edge of Infinity, impossible you might think, but when you step into our modpack, it will seem all too real. Enjoy adventuring in the overworld finding unique biomes, dungeons, or go down below into the Nether which is more vibrant than ever, even The End is much more involved now.
      But The End isn't the end of the story, enjoy going to whole new dimensions, becoming a master at a certain skill, or even just becoming familiar with your class, which includes custom skills and spells for you to experiment with!
      This is a modpack for those people who feel tired of always hitting the endgame of modpacks and getting bored with them, but also don't have a lot of processing power for those huge kitchen sink modpacks.
      This includes famous mods such as Ice and Fire, Doomlike Dungeons, DivineRpg, and even AoA(Nevermine)!
      This modpack was also designed to help encourage exploration with mods such as Dungeontactics, Journeymap, and even Enchantingplus to disenchant all the items you find to make your current gear even better with unique enchantments!
      The main highlight of this modpack is the class system introduced by MKultra! Which lets you play classes such as being a Druid, a ranger, or even a nether mage! There are even more classes to play as and explore during your time exploring the realms!
      We have a full list of mods on the modpack listing above, and we even have a discord where you can report bugs and suggest features to be featured in future updates!
    • By Rishum
      Website: SiriusMC.Net | Server IP: Legends.SiriusMC.net | Discord: https://discord.gg/k728gFT6Q7
      Founded in mid-2019, SiriusMC is a small community-driven network that offers servers in both Tekkit Legends and The 1.12.2 Pack.
      Hosted on a high performance dedicated server in an EU data center and having done extensive development to the mod pack (Custom Mod Patches, Performance enhancements, and plugins) we aim to create one of the most stable & lag-free Tekkit Legends playing experiences.
      Our Tekkit Legends is community-focused and allows you to manually enable/disable PVP allowing players to play the modpack in the way they feel most comfortable playing.
      Key Features:
      At SiriusMC we offer the current features:
       EMC Farms: All EMC generators are unpatched and permitted on SiriusMC - Got a cool design for a durability EMC farm? SiriusMC is the perfect place to build it!  24/7 Uptime - Excluding scheduled restarts, SiriusMC is online 24/7.  Toggleable PVP: By default, PVP is disabled however players can manually enable it should they wish to do so.  Player & Admin Shops: SiriusMC has a GUI based Admin & Player Shop. The Admin shop is accessible anywhere and sells both modded and vanilla items and creates a fair minimum pricing system. The Playershop is also GUI based and allows players to buy/sell items quickly and easily without having to visit a centralized area or deal with a complex plots systems.  Fair Economy: SiriusMC at its core runs a player based economy however there are multiples ways to make money such as: Voting, Playtime, Selling Items In A Playershop, Lottery, SGamble & Mob Arena*  Playtime & Paid Ranks: SiriusMC has both ranks that can be obtained via playtime as well as ranks that can be purchased.  Custom Patches & Plugins: The vast majority of the mods we run are custom forks with specialized custom developed mod patches to fix various mod issues and crashes.  Strong Community: We pride ourselves on the strong, welcoming, and close community that we have developed. New players are always welcome and staff can be reached easily in-game or on Discord.  Modded Land Protection: SiriusMC runs a custom version of Grief Prevention to ensure that your land is safe from grief, theft, and other malicious actions.  Regular Backups: All SiriusMC servers are backed up every 4 hours to a remote server ensuring that your data is safe no matter what. Banned Items:
      The items listed below have been banned from being used on the server. Players are not permitted to use these items and the reason why each item is banned is also listed below:
      Firestorm Ore (Claim Bypass) Digital Thermometer (Crashes Server) Rain Maker (Changes Weather) Smoke/Smoke Grenade (Claim Bypass) Engineer's Toolbox Timer (Use Bluepower) Explosives (Claim Bypass/Grief) Fuzzy Crafting Table/Fuzzy Upgrade (Multiple Known Bugs). SiriusMC is committed to reducing the ban item list and is working to implement various patches & fixes to reduce this list.
      Server Rules:
      Listed Below are the rules that apply when playing on the SiriusMC Tekkit Legends Server. These rules apply to all players on the server regardless of rank.
      No Hacking, Cheating or Exploiting The Server. No Advertising, Spamming or Trolling. No Griefing or Stealing from Claimed Land. Redstone Clocks must be set to 1 second or higher. Trades must be within +-50% of the admin shop price. Items or Money may not be given out for free. EMC farms are permitted. Do not attempt to bypass player restrictions or rules. Chat should be kept clean. Be considerate with Large scale factories/farms. No Anti-AFK machines. Do not build around the sides of someone's claim. Voting:
       Voting for SiriusMC on a range of vote sites offers a range of vote rewards.  The following rewards are offered for voting: Crate Keys, Money, Claimblocks, Food & Vote Tokens.  The amount of vote rewards you receive is based on your rank, the higher your rank the higher the reward!  Personal Anchors can be obtained via vote tokens. Hub:
      SiriusMC operates as a bungee server with a central hub allowing you to easily connect to either server on the network. During scheduled restarts, players are moved to the hub instead of being kicked from the server making our already short restarts more seamless. Server Hub IP: Play.SiriusMC.net Plugins:
      Our Tekkit Legends server runs a wide range of plugins, many of which have been specially created by our developers for the server. Listed below is a short list of examples of the various plugins that SiriusMC runs:
      Custom Grief Prevention Fork Essentials Auto-rank Lottery Sirius Gamble Sirius Playershops Images:
      Spawn Outside:

      Spawn Inside:


      *Mob Arena is still in development
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