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Help Making Hack/Mine Server (Please!!!)

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Hey guys!

I'm getting really confused on how to do this. If anyone can point me to a tutorial that is simple and full proof I would appreciate it. A link to one already setup to download would also work. I run it using tekkit though right? Some of the things I've read talk about bukkit.

First off, I'm running a Mac with Lion (yes I know, it's sad).

I've made regular minecraft servers, bukkit servers, and made a recent tekkit server that all work. I already know how to port forward but mostly just use hamachi (plan on using hamachi for this one as well). This is just going to be for my friends and me to play so I'm not worried about extra plugins, I just want it to WORK!

Thanks guys I appreciate it!

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Do not know how to start a server.

and i have a mac two. so yea its sad. but if you go on youtube. and look it up im sure. you'll find something on it.

and yes i know this was not a big help.

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