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[1.6.4] crazy craft 2.2 private sever for a YouTube series if you want to join have a look


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We might be getting a sponsored sever from elite pro hosting for YouTube if you want to be in the series fill out these questions

Link to YouTube channel(must have):

How many subs:

Google hangouts(must have):

Link to twitch(optional):

How many followers:

Can you put this image in every video you do for the series ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > :

Will you advertise elite pro hosting in the description of every video on you're Chanel:


recording software(if you don't have one get OBS it is the best for minecraft and face cam):

What state and country do you live in(must be close to Australia for optimal interactivity):

How many video can you make per week:

How many hours per week will you spend on the sever:

Do you do hardcore grieving/trolling(lite annoying trolls aloud):

how much do you know about the mods in crazy craft 2.2:

do you think making a town is a good idea:

What sort of player are you:

Age( it dose not matter I am 12 turning 13 no restrictions):

do you like mods:

Will you link my the other players channels in the description:

Can you make good thumbnails(if not I can make some for you here is a example thumbnail ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="562px">">' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="562px"> ):

Thanks for replying to the sever

Here is the site for elite pro hosting /


My Chanel: youtube.com/channel/UCJ_V7j9Qcx5dHLklhaFaWYQ

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  • Moderators

You're going to want to:

1) clean up your server post.  Check for spelling, and organize it a little better.  Re-read the server posting guidelines, then edit your post.

2) include a link to the page on the Platform for the pack you will be using.  People won't want to play what they can't at least look at beforehand.

3) include more information about the server and community.  As it is, this half looks like an ad for a hosting site.


Edit: You took too long to fix the post.  If you want it unlocked, please contact a moderator.

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