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Cauldron/MCPC plugin replacements as mods?

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With Cauldron and MCPC+ being effectively dead (not quite sure whether they were the same thing or not), I'm guessing that those setting up a new server have to rely on finding mods to perform the roles that plugins used to. Since I may end up having to set up a new server in the next few days when the one I've been working for goes down, I find myself in that boat.


So, since I don't have the time to write new mods myself in four days, I'll ask y'all. Basically, I'm looking for mod replacements for some of the old standard plugins:


PreciousStones (land claiming)


CoreProtect (block/interaction logger)

Skript (Scripting)

Multiverse (Add dimensions)


Anyone have any suggestions?

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[skript =>] Java programming



Is there actually a way to do that, or do you mean to write a new mod for each little script?

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