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Technic Launcher White Screen (JFrame fails to paint)

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Hello Technic! When I started my launcher, I got a white screen but as I clicked on various components on the window they became visible. In this way, I managed to log in and get it setup. Now, I need to get it to work 100% correctly. 


Here is a screenshot of the bug before I click around:



Here is a screenshot of the bug after I click around (notice how significant portions of the launcher still refuse to paint):



- I am using Fedora 21 x64

- I have tried Oracle JDK 7 x64, OpenJDK 8 x64, Oracle JRE  8, and Oracle JDK 8

- I am a Java developer, and it looks like the paint() function is failing to be called which can occur when setVisible(true) is called on JFrame before it is fully initialized. This fix requires that the code of the launcher be changed and re-released.

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