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Hey guys, 

I'm new to the forum so any help is much appreciated, kind of nooby too :P.


Anyhow, me and my friends own a server which is rented, we have 1GB of RAM.

I have a nether portal in my house and whenever we enter it, the purple screen spins and then I get the brown screen overlay which would usually say something like, generating nether, however it teleports you straight back to the overworld however there are blocks missing and unrendered blocks which when you click on causes the client to crash!


Anyone experienced this before?


any help is much appreciated.





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I cannot say for sure, but that may be the effects of the server having too little RAM. You definitely need to talk to your server host and seek a solution from them, as this seems to be neither a Minecraft nor modpack problem.


If you still think that it might be an issue with Tekkit, please take it to the tracker. But my guess is memory problem.

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