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How dark is the Technic forum user?

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True that.

Did you know you can create diamond by compressing your hair under 65,000 atmospheres of pressure?

For the love of all heathen gods! Somebody close this thread already!

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Please tell me you believe in the 'Mayan 2012 Prophecy'

Pffft. I think i will regret this, but oh alright i'll bite.

Do i believe in what? End of the world? How exactly do you think that our world will end? Like that crap hollywood movie suggested?

No i dont believe our continents will crumble and our earth swallow itself, that's too Final Fantasy to be taken for real.

I believe our "way of life" will end. Our rich and poor classes will change, those countries that claim itselfs "world police" and "world leaders" will change. How i dont know.

Maybe ETs will finally drop by and say hi

Or that "christian king" will arrive, according to Nostradamus prophecy

Or a everlasting free energy source will be found and all countries will wage war to gain monopoly on it

Or a machine that can open portals to other worlds, making long-distance travel (like the one in Contact with Jodie Foster) a fast possibility for mankind to evolve to unimaginable heights.

I dont know how the Mayans meant by their prophecy, i only know that its not their first end-of the-world experience. We will only have to wait and see how this year will end.

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Hrm.. Does browsing Encyclopedia Dramatica count? I mean, there's some pretty odd shit you can find in in some corners there, though it's unfortunately mostly rape, murder, goatse, and everything you won't see on TV. It's like the manifestation of all the fuck on the internet. (But you all probably knew that already.)

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Dark? Well, I got into knowing about dark things when I was a bit younger too.

Then again, I wasn't trying to be a wizard or necromancer or whatever. I was the hero, the paladin come to save the day and mercilessly slaughter (Or humanely put down, based on perspective) the armies of evil.

But hey, we were all 9 once, right?

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When i was a teenager is was into all the silly witchy-poo thjings that all the gothy outcast loner teens try out. Then i discovered !!science!!. Did you know that Ethanol burns at 55 degrees Fahrenheit? And also, water wont put it out. Neither will the majority of fire-retardant foams employed in the U.S.

basically what i'm saying is that however dark your imagination can be, however evil the superstitious fantastical creatures you read about may be, one nasty human being with a little creativity and access to a highschool level chemistry set will blow it right out of the water.

You say that now, but just wait until all the goth teenagers figure out how to summon demons. Schools will never be safe again.

But seriously, the darkest I get is Lovecraft. This kind of stuff is a lot better as fiction anyway.

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You might get weird dreams if you watch the video's of this crazy animator. He's probably using some drugs we might not know about?

Go through his uploads list and you'll find something "interesting".

My best stuff - YouTube

I always thought I was the only one crazy enough to actually follow this guy... His video "Because" is very hypnotizing. The one about the queen is epic too.

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