Cyanite generator

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Run it really hot. No coolant. It will burn through yellorium. I assume you are using the last 1.6.4 build of BR. Cyanite can be crafted in with sand, not sure if that's for 1.6.4.

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I assume you are using the last 1.6.4 build of BR. Cyanite can be crafted in with sand, not sure if that's for 1.6.4.

I think the sand-crafting is exclusive to the 1.7-based version of BigReactors (0.4 and newer) and thus cannot be added to current Tekkit.


The best way to increase temperature is high fertility, i.e packing rods very tightly. A 3x3x3 inner chamber filled with only fuel rods will do this well. Set Control Rods to 0% and it will be very inefficient, which means Cyanite gets produced quickly.

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