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Why do you need a laptop? If you just want a small form-factor PC, you can build one for $500 which will handle Minecraft quite nicely and be far more powerful than a laptop at the same price point.





Did you.... did you read the thread? I don't need a gaming laptop. That was a joke.

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    • By TheBytemaster
      Hello all! This be the thread for the discussion of all things related to that 12-year-old game I made you all take a copy of, Moonbase commander.
      If you're looking for a match, you can try posting here!
      Looking for tips or want to discuss gameplay? 
      Post here!  
      Want to insult/swear terrible revenge on the person who obliterated you in the last game?    
      Post here! (But kindly... please.)
       Multiplayer How-to

      Also; a general tip. The game often reacts poorly to being alt-tabbed out of. You can put the game into a windowed mode by pressing SHIFT+F5 and make it fullscreen again by... pressing the fullscreen button.
      An ~excellent~ guide to Moonbase Commander can be found here.
      It's kinda long, but very thorough and worth a read. Contains a lot of unit and weapon quirks that can be really useful. Easily the best Moonbase Commander guide in existence.
      If you just want a quick rundown of the basics, I'd recommend this little video.

      If you have any questions/need any help troubleshooting multiplayer, ask below! 
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