[1.7.10] Magical Divination - Official Server (White-List) 20 Slots

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After some serious testing and some serious editing and configuration modifications. The official Magical Divination server is up and running. The Magical Divination thread is here: >Magical Divination Thread (1.7.10)


So feel free to have a look at it so you can know what to expect on this server. This server is a PvE Server that uses both Plugins and Mods. Because Magical Divination is a Modpack about Exploration and Survival one may find themselves far away from home, stranded. This is where the Web Store comes into play. Magical Divination is linked to the Nerd Storm Production Website and has a store that can sell you basic necessities for survival using the server's in-game currency system.


Some other neat features:

HQM Installed - New Quests are added constantly and are pushed to the server and don't require a client update. (Be mindful Hardcore Mode is NOT enabled, just the questing portion)

CustomNPCs - can give you quests and tasks to complete.

GriefPrevention - claim your own plot of land that you decide to call home from when you are weary of travel

Much more that really can't all be listed in a server thread (check out the main modpack thread for more info)



Rules of the Server:

- No Griefing people's work (there is a grief plugin installed that you will learn more about when logging in)

- White-list Only (apply for white-list in this thread)

- Enjoy the Server



Please keep in mind this is NOT an easy pack/server to survive in. This pack was designed specifically to challenge the player in survival. So complaining and raging that you are always dieing is the intended result. This pack has no Tech mods in it. This pack is purely magic, exploration, survival. The server is configured to give you a hard time and is configured to "find" players and create events around them to add to the challenge. Even within the safety of your "home." The server "punishes" the stationary. If you simply play minecraft for building and technology then this is NOT the server for you.


Portal Page and Server Status:



White-List Application:

This is a white-list server only. In order to play on the server you need to be approved. To get approved you must fill out the white-list application. Very simply here are the fields:





Random Fact About You?:

Why You Want To Join:

What other games do you enjoy?:


What Experience in Minecrat Mods Do You Have:

Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?:



Main Minecraft Nerd Storm Production Website:

Nerd Storm Production - Minecraft

Edited by HalestormXV

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IGN: Cloudwalker2000

Age: 19


Random Fact About You?: i have tattoos and plan for more :}

Why You Want To Join: Looks fun havent played with people in a while

What other games do you enjoy?: Mount and blade war band, Gta , Magicite , dota 


What Experience in Minecrat Mods Do You Have: not alot lol

Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?: will this grow ?

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I have added you to the whitelist. As well as edited the topic title to include server version.


As to answer your question if it will grow. Yes I hope so. I put a lot of work into it. And I am just starting it up. So it will take time yes. But I do plan for it to grow.

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IGN: AwayAgain

Age: 17


Random Fact About You?: I can dunk a basketball :)

Why You Want To Join: I love modpacks and playing with a bunch of people in a community would be awesome 

What other games do you enjoy?: GTA, Any mario game occasionally Cod, Dayz Gmod 


What Experience in Minecrat Mods Do You Have: Attack of the bteam (played for about 6 months) alos worked on a server with attack of the bteam

Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?:


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I added you to the WhiteList. Please keep in mind this is a brand new server and needs to be built up. If you play on the server and know people who may enjoy it please feel free to direct them here. I would like to build this server up. As with all brand spanking new servers it takes time. I need the help of the community to make that a reality. The server right now has a cap of 20. However it is my own dedicated box so I have total and full control of that. 


Also please note, this is NOT a typical server. This server will punish you and is meant for those who want and love the challenge. I do not want to give people a false sense of being able to peacefully build and go to sleep at night so no mobs spawn and they can go back to building. The server is geared specifically to providing you with a challenge. 

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The server has been updated and is running 1.1.0 - Bloodthorn of the Magical Divination Pack. The server has also had the GriefPrevention Plugin slightly modified and a new additional mod that will generate Random Walled Cities, Towns, and other structures around the map in addition to the already randomly generated Dungeons and Epic Ruins for exploration and loot.

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IGN: athaalin

Age: 33


Random Fact About You?: Fluent in Japanese! Kind of wish I picked a more useful language for the tech world though XD

Why You Want To Join: I love fantasy 'flavored' servers and you have an interesting combinations of mods on yours.

What other games do you enjoy?: Endless Legend, anything Fallout, TRPGs, a-lot-of-games-I-sadly-don't-have-the-time-to-play-anymore


What Experience in Minecraft Mods Do You Have: I've been playing modded minecraft for a long time. I can't even play Vanilla anymore. I've run the gambit of tech and magic/fantasy mods, and full conversions like terrafirmacraft. Whatever I'm not familiar with is just a youtube video away from having a decent understanding anyway.

Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?: Not really, looking forward to see how this set of mods play together. Normally I don't go for anything that doesn't have ore mods (since I love those) like Metallurgy, or tinker's construct, but I'm curious enough to give this a try.


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Alrighty, I have added you to the Whitelist. Please keep in mind this is a brand new server and I am looking to grow it. So if you have responsible friends or family that you may like to bring onto the server (this goes for anyone reading this that has been whitelisted) please direct them to this post. Enjoy the server. 

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IGN: ShadowDrayza

Age: 17

Random Fact About You: I like anime and manga :D

Why Do You Want To Join: I am interested in this modpack. It has quite a lot of good mods like Thaumcraft and Ars Magica!

What Other Games Do You Enjoy: I play Skyrim, God of War, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and all kinds of other games.

What Experience in Minecraft Mods Do You Have: I have played so many other modpacks for 2 years now. I played all the modpacks on the TechnicLaunher, Tekkit, Hexxit, Big Dig, also a lot of custom modpacks, Pixelmon, etc.

Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything: Do you take suggestions, mod requests? Also what kinds of plugins does this server have? I hope this server grows to become what you want it to be as well as an ever growing community! :)



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Very good. I have added you to the whitelist. Anime and Manga are a super plus :P


As to answer your questions - yes I do take suggestions and requests however I would do some serious testing before I implement it into the modpack. The plugins the server uses currently are Hyperconomy so you can purchase stuff from the servers Webstore (to buy some survival materials for in game currency), grief prevention, and various utility plugins. I do plan to have the server grow hopefully. It is still in the infant stages.

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IGN: Element_Star

Age: 14


Random Fact About You?: I keep putting purple streaks in my hair

Why You Want To Join: The modpack looks really interesting and I'm interested in a small server.

What other games do you enjoy?: Skyrim, Final Fantasy, several different MMORPG games, and a few different board games.


What Experience in Minecrat Mods Do You Have: Let's see I've messed with Thaumcraft, Witchery, and many more. I can't remember how many mods I've messed with.

Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?:

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(sorry about the unformality of the text it seemed to be glitching or not responding)

IGN     1Charak2

Age: 14


Random Fact About You?: an avid roleplayer (good at creating plot ideas from scratch or a simple concept)  which i normally translate into minecraft and forge my own path 


Why You Want To Join: I wish to join because the server would be the perfect place due to its modlist to create and have a good time with other players on the server

What other games do you enjoy?: Skyrim D.o.t.a 2 Minecraft/tekkit/ftb/ATlauncher  Legend of Zelda (recently got the Remastered version of Majoras Mask) as well as a few MMORPGS


What Experience in Minecrat Mods Do You Have: Quite experienced with Magical mod's Such as Ars and thaumcraft (and a hint of blood magic)  as well as fantasy related mods like Tinker's and Nevermine and Aether II

Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?: I really hope that this server grows because so far the modpack is interesting ,

so on a side note: i can't wait to join a server




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I have added both of you to the whitelist. Please keep in mind that this server is still growing and if you know people who may be interested point them in the direction of this thread. I reiterate that this server's rules are simple:

1. No Griefing

2. No Griefing

3. Have Fun and enjoy


This server uses the GriefPrevention Plugin, so anyone who joins the server will be able to claim a plot of land (limited by player) to build and create. The server is not your average server. The server is difficult. More quests will be added in later this week. 

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IGN: JonathanDanger

Age: 19


Random Fact About You?:  I really like sweets :D

Why You Want To Join: I want to see if this server could be a fun. Pretty straightforward.

What other games do you enjoy?: Games I enjoy the most include super smash brothers, league of legends, assassins creed, skyrim, and GTA


What Experience in Minecraft Mods Do You Have: I've only ever played them. I have a tendency to shop around frequently, looking for mods that complete the experience I'm looking for. Secretly taking notes to someday invest time in modding or modpack creating myself.

Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?: I look forward to giving you my suggestions. Also, if I enjoy your server a lot I will grab some friends and have them join as well.

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Lol oh yes, gotta love them some Lobbers ^_^. Thankfully though the Lava won't destroy your home or set fires (it shouldn't). I have had a team of Lobbers just start throwing lava at my home and all I could do was dig through the ground to get away until they despawned and the event ended.

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IGN: Twinskies


Age:19 in a week




Random Fact About You?:I'm a back of the house specialist at bob evans 


Why You Want To Join:Trying new modpacks and getting back into minecraft 


What other games do you enjoy?: COD, 7 days to die, league of legends, fifa, madden, stuff like that




What Experience in Minecrat Mods Do You Have:I've played a crap load of modpacks in my  time


Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?: Nah i mean im just trying to get into a modded server, more difficult than i first thought 


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IGN: Dux_Aquila

Age: 18 in about 18 days. (Would you look at that.)


Random Fact About You?: I have a knack for wiring circuits. Both IRL and In-game. (I'm also partnered with a server host company and can pull the hookup for 30% off on a server.)

Why You Want To Join: There are far to many places to start, so I'll leave you with this... You had me sold at Magic.

What Other Games Do You Enjoy?: League of Legends, Garry's Mod, I Am Bread. (I'm a live-streamer so the list will get very long if I continue.)


What Experience in Minecraft Mods Do You Have?: I am the former Global Admin for Bluestone Servers, you might have heard of them, and it was my job to figure out how every mod worked and how they worked together. I'm also very skilled with configuration files and things like that. (If you do happen to have a question don't be afraid to ask.)


My question would be how you managed to get people to want to join your server. I had attempted to start a server on my own, and I'm thinking my lowest point of attraction was the name, as I would only have people join through my Live-Stream, and would like some ideas.

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Added both of you to the whitelist. 

@Twinskies - Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time. 

@Xx_Skate_xX - Yes I have heard of Bluestone, never personally been involved with it but have seen it. And that is a good skill to have. As to answer your question in the simplest way possible. This server specifically is not for everyone. We have specifically designed this modpack with that in mind. As a matter of fact this modpack is not for everyone. Many people may not like the modpack because of the sheer difficulty. HOWEVER, those that do get drawn to this server because of its nature are likely to enjoy it because they like that type of experience. I don't really get people to want to join the server (at least not with this modpack). The pitch of this modpack itself will draw people of similar interests. We could go into the marketing of the pack sure, but ultimately this is one of those packs where you like it or you hate it and because we (NSP) kept that in mind while designing this pack we accept those repercussions. Nerd Storm Production (NSP) designs packs and servers as a hobby. The key is Quality over Quantity. We know that if you are attracted to this type of Challenge you will enjoy this pack. Contradictory, we also know that if you do not like this type of experience you will hate the pack which is fine. Maybe you will like one of our other packs instead. 

So in summary after the wall of text, I get people to want to join the server because they like the type of pack that this particular server runs like you said, "sold me at magic". So if the pack appealed to them, then naturally they may be interested in what an official server has to offer. The server in and of itself also offers a unique experience different of SSP (for example check out the "Prayer of Relief System" that we just launched yesterday). The key is keeping it interesting. Not many servers, for example, have an online webstore that hooks into the game so you can buy materials for survival with currency you have earned from doing quests in game. 

You mentioned streaming, if you want to stream your experience on the server please do. I have not gotten much feedback on the pack yet. But the downloads and installs keep climbing so I imagine it is running smoothly for everyone who is installing it and running it. I have one YouTuber who said he is going to do a mini-series on it. And naturally I am curious as to see first hand what individual experience is with the pack. Plus this is a public pack and all the mod authors have given me their permission to use the mods in this pack so it is fair open game.

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Thank you Tinwskies for the permissions report. I fixed the perms as well as the flags as well as edited those spawnroom chests to contain new items to get a new adventurer started. I appreciate the report.

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Important Update for all members of the server.

This server is hard, this server is very hard. (Not as hard as the Hardcore Mode Ones) In light of this server's difficulty, I have given all players of rank "Member" the ability to warp and set warp points as well as home locations and the ability to warp back home. I have also added in access to the /back command so you can return to your death point. Use /help in game to see a list of commands made available to members.

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