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I've noticed in the NEI that I need Blizz Powder to make Gelid Cryotheum... & it can only  be gained from Blizz Rods. NEI won't tell me any way to craft them, so i'm assuming they drop off something. How do I get Blizz Rods? (Short of Freezing the Nether over to chill the Blazes into Blizzes. ;P )


Many thanks for your time. :)

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I have never encountered a "blaze like" mob (I guess it looks like a blaze, blue color) which would drop the "Blizz rod".. Craft "Cryotheum Dust" and then put it into the magma crucible & melt it into Gelid Cryotheum ("Blizz powder" is made by putting snow balls into the fluid transposer and "filling" them up with liquid redstone) ^_~


Hope this helps!

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I think the rarity of Blizzes is a bug. I only ever encountered them in exotic ice biomes that do not generate in the Overworld, but (rarely) in certain Mystcraft Ages. As Gomo said, the standard way (and possibly the only way in this version) is infusing Snowballs with Destabilized Redstone. You need a Magma Crucible to melt the Redstone and a Fluid Transposer to apply it to the Snowballs.

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I've found Blizzes in standard snow/ice biomes that do generate in the overworld, but they're usually underground, or occasionally on the surface at night.  An MFR auto-spawner can continuously generate them once you have one in a re-usable safari net.

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A Peaceful Table will also generate Blizz Rods eventually when placed in a Taiga biome and supplied with enough weapons (Redstone Arsenal swords work fine for this). But it will take a long time until you get any significant amount, because the spawn rate is so low. To this day, I have never seen a Blizz in a Taiga biome. I only ever met them in Ice Plains (where even the trees are made of ice blocks). And I only ever found those inside Mystcraft Ages.


The hint about the MFR Auto Spawner is good, but you do have to find that one specimen.

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Many thanks for the help. :)


Was hoping I could avoid needing Snowballs cause they are a pain in the butt to store & farm up & not really worth the power use or time to fridge up with a Glacial Precipitator when my Base is inside a Taiga + River + Desert, but lookin like it'll be the easy way to do this after all compared to looking for Blizzes... though if I ever find a source of Blizzes, i'll craft a Reuseable Safari Ball & nab one for future Cloning then. :) (Really don't understand why Snowballs can only store in stacks of up to 16 & can't deconstruct Snow Blocks into Snowballs at the same time. *Glares at Notch*)

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