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"tekkit" in modpack names for server names that include "tekkit"

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Hello! I am currently working very hard to bring back my server called "TerraTekkit". I am using a custom modpack. There is a problem however which is the following text in the modpack rules:



  1. Modpack names/descriptions may not have any vulgar or offensive language. Breaking this term will result in a permanent ban from the Platform.
  2. Modpack names that have any official Technic modpack names will be immediately removed. (ex. Technic/Tekkit/Hexxit/Attack of the B-Team/any others)
  3. Modpacks submitted under the name of another already established modpack name will be removed.
    1. This includes modpacks on and off the Platform.
    2. It's fine to base your modpack on another, but do not use the other modpacks title in your own.
    3. Modpacks breaking this term will be deleted without notification.

Specifically, section 2 is a problem. I was going to call my pack "TerraTekkit Modpack", however the rules do not allow it.


This post is half asking for an exception to that rule and half asking for another solution to this problem (I can't think of any other names that accurately link the pack to the server).

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