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Welcome to SkullBox!


                    What's your IP?


                                        Walk around our world at:


                     What is SkullBox?


                                    SkullBox is a PvP Tekkit server that uses Towny to enable land grabbing and item protection, however the admin will create wartime events starting at the end of March 2015 that will allow you to claim other people's land and call it your own!


                   What are the rules?


  1. Breaking blocks of buildings built outside of protected areas is allowed as long as the blocks are replaced.
  2. PvP is always allowed, however land will not be claimable unless there is a war event occurring
  3. Stealing from chests is allowed, you can prevent this by creating or joining a town and buying a plot, chests are raidable during wartime events
  4. NO building within 200 blocks of a spawn exit
  5. No verbal harassment in teamspeak or in game


                    That sounds great! How do I join?


                                    Join us by signing up at , and adding your minecraft character to your account. Once you have been approved you will be able to start building and PvPing with everyone else!


                    What else does SkullBox offer?


                                    By using our forums you are also earning points which you can use on items such as food and blocks for survival, or weapons and armor in game! We also have Chestshop which means you can create shops you can make money with in game to buy items that others are selling! We are also adding new features all the time and are open to suggestions from our members!



   We really hope to see you in game and PvPing soon!




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      every time I click play on this world it acts as if its loading and then it closes tekkit legends and go directly back to the launcher. pls send help
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