Selective lag puts me 30 seconds in the past

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So when I play Big Dig on a server, I get a lot of lag. The lag can be as much as 30 seconds between breaking a block and it dropping an item. When I watch other players whom I am Skyping with on my screen, they take a similar amount of time to move. It's like I am 30 seconds in the past. I sometimes see other players floating around in the wrong place. As if their coordinates are not properly aligned? To them, I do the same thing occasionally. Whats more is that when they look at me, nothing is lagging. When I break a bock or open a chest, the effect is seen immediately. I often fall through the floor to about -1500y give or take a few hundred The game SOMETIMES comes back into sync, but play-ability is the exception rather than the rule. Not everything lags at the same rate. Chat lag and player movements are the biggest laggers, while block lag is a little less. I can open a chest more quickly than I can kill a mob, because mobs seem to lag more than blocks. I am not getting ANY lag that looks clientside, and there is also no lag on rendering. As in tearing of the screen or low fps. The problem is not with my java, I tried a couple of different java installations. I think it has to do with communication with the server... But the error is on my side. Other people can report little to no lag at all. When it gets really bad, I am just kicked off the server.


Internet: 1.6 MB/s WIFI

CPU:Intel 8x i7 2.5 GHz

64 bit Windows 8.1


64 and 32 bit latest java installed

NVIDIA GeForce 840M


==Advanced Minecraft error test v1.0== - by theFriedZombie

==Computer info==

SystemManufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
SystemProductName: N56JN
SystemFamily: N
SystemVersion: 1.0
Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3, GenuineIntel
NumberOfProcessors: 1

Physical memory: 8192 MB installed, 8075 MB available, 5303 MB free
Virtual memory: 1280 MB allocated, 5975 MB free

OS: Windows 8.1, , 64bits

userprofile: C:UsersElliott

==Video controller info==

Caption=NVIDIA GeForce 840M
Description=NVIDIA GeForce 840M
Name=NVIDIA GeForce 840M

Caption=Intel® HD Graphics 4600
Description=Intel® HD Graphics 4600
Name=Intel® HD Graphics 4600

Tip of the day: http://www.pcidatabase.com/
great source for looking up unkown devices

==Java info==

Java location according to the path variable:

can execute java? YES

java is 64 bit

java version "1.8.0_40"
Java SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_40-b25)
Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.40-b25, mixed mode)

==Minecraft pre-tests==

login.minecraft.net resolvable? NO
session.minecraft.net resolvable? YES
Make sure your internet connection is working,
and no firewall or virus scanner is interfering with the connection.
www.google.com resolvable? YES

Warning: "the file C:UsersElliottAppDataRoaming.minecraftbinminecraft.jar
" does not exists

The minecraft.exe can not be found in the current directory.
Put the minecraft.exe in the same directory as this batch script
and run the batch again.
Or drag the minecraft.exe on top of this batch file

==End of script==

Right click, Select all,
Press Enter (This will copy the output to your clipboard).

Then paste the result on http://www.pastebin.com
Or your favourite forum.

===========Brought to you by============
===theFriedZombie from MesiaPK Gaming===


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