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Looking for a new modpack

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Hi guys, I used to play attack of the b team with my mate, we stopped playing a little while ago and I am looking for a new modpack

I used to play a little tekkit before playing b team, so looking for a tekkit style

I want to get into galacticraft, and I love tinkers construct, enjoyed the dinosaur stuff, loved steves carts, biomes o plenty

I've tried steves galaxy, but the wasteland feel got a bit boring quickly, tekkit doesn't have biomes o plenty, tinker's construct, or the dinosaur mod.


Tried tekkify, but it was missing the galaxy stuff I think.


Anyone recommend a modpack (that works haha)

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As the creator of Steve's Galaxy I want to ask: you do realize that the wasteland's supposed to be boring? You're supposed to go to space to do all your fancy science stuff.

ofc, I didn't expect a wasteland to be exciting, I thought it would keep my interest, but I got bored of playing it quickly

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What are you looking for in a modpack? You could always have a crack at making your own with mods you enjoy, and perhaps take ideas from other modpacks that you enjoyed. Maybe the next Tekkit update will be a little more interesting. From what you described, B-Team seemed like a decent choice... Honestly at the moment, there aren't many packs that I would go "this has a really cool, fun and unique play style" at, even my own pack. I've been working on something on the side which has a bit more vision and direction and provides something a bit new, but haven't had a lot of time to work on it.

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Roll your own. Learning how is fun, and it will be exactly what you want. I made one with all the tech mods I enjoy (Thermal Expansion, Foundation, etc, Mekanism, enderio, Big Reactors, Rotarycraft, Pneumatucraft, Computercraft, AE2, and lots of other stuff). 

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