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Blazecraft B-Team [Whitelist] [No-Grief] [No banned items] [Friendly]

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​Hello Everybody I have recently opened an Attack of the B-Team server. The server is basically made for a small community and for players that like to make friends and survive. 

(Note: I may add photos later)

Ign: Blackopppp


Server Rules:

1. No Grief 

2. No Pvp

3. Keep swearing to a minimum 

4. Be friendly 


If you wish to join the server please message me on the technicpack forums using this format:



Age (14 or above is fine):

Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two):

Will you follow rules: 


I hope to see you on! :)


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Hello, my name is Cookiie and I would be interested in joining the server if you are still accepting!

IGN: ImCookiie

Age: 16 years old.

Why would you like to join the server?: I'm interested in joining because singleplayer has gotten boring for me. As much fun as it is, not being able to share your builds with others getting a little frustrating rather than fun (which Minecraft is supposed to be :P) I love the sense of a community and making new friends, sharing experiences and much more! That is the reason why I would love to join!

Will you follow the rules?: Well, of course! I think to mantain a stable community. There should always be a set of rules to keep "peace" on the server :P

skype info and such will be given if contacted!


Thank you for reading! - Hope to hear from you soon!



(Here are some screenshots of builds I have made - modded/ not modded): http://imgur.com/6BNeKyq,0UOHagg,qrq1RlV,rkYKlcF,mQDp3FQ#4




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IGN: Twinskies

Age (14 or above is fine): 19

Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two): I'm looking for a server to get back into, I

m a very dedicated player once i'm doing a pack that i like on a server that i like.

Will you follow rules: Yeah, I'd be playing at least 2-3 hours a day as well.

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IGN: iamloki2

Age (14 or above is fine): I am 23

Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two): I love playing this modpack but it gets so boring playing alone. I've been looking for a small or so server with good people to play with and talk to. It's a lot more fun with other people playing also.

Will you follow rules: Of course.

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IGN: yoshi0217

Age (14 or above is fine): 14

Why would you like to join this server (At least a sentence or two): This is an amazing modpack but it is so hard to find a good server to play on. This looks like one of the best servers for my casual gaming style for not needing to worry about being raided. Big servers aren't very fun because of the spam of chat so smaller servers are more fun for me.

Will you follow rules: That I would

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IGN: jason_the_turtle

Age (14 or above is fine): 14

Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two): I would like a calm, nice place to play with my friends. I would also love to have a nice community on a server with nice people to play with!

Will you follow rules: Why would i not... Yes I will

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IGN: BlazerAR

Age (14 or above is fine): 15 

Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two): Like most people I just want to play on a server that is small and friendly and not completely griefed with nowhere to build. I love this modpack so much and I just want to be able to play without worrying about spammers, griefers or hackers. 

Will you follow rules: I'm all about rules! These rules are pretty easy to follow. I've also never been banned on a server and the only time I've been kicked from a server was from being AFK for too long :blush:

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IGN: Pwnge88

Age (14 or above is fine): 15

Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two): I really enjoy playing with small fun communities who will help eachother without gain. I also really enjoy this mod pack and the last server I was on went down

Will you follow rules: I will follow all of the rules :)

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IGN: Rat_Bonez (in chat you can call me "Rat")

Age (14 or above is fine): I'm 14 and 1/2

Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two): I would love to join this server for many reasons. First, I would like to join because theres' no pvp, it's great so that no one can kill you and take you're hard earned items. Second, there's no griefing so I can make the best house (fine you'res is #1 :D). I NEVER sweared in my life. I'm always friendly, help others, do some dirty work :D, and I love to get to know them like they're family.


 Thankyou for your Time    ~Rat_Bonez

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Age (14 or above is fine):15

Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two):I got so bored these days and I cant find any good modded server, so I thought it would be fun to join a whitelisted one cuz they are not so rare to find, main reason:to have fun

Will you follow rules:Yes sir (no fun in breaking them)

ps: do i have to install the recommended version to play?

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IGN: meerkat004

Age: Personal, but I assure you it is above your requirements.

Why: I would like to join the server because I have been looking for a friendly Attack of the B-Team server for a while now. Most public servers have banned items and mods, but I am looking for a server that doesn't have banned items/mods, and this server sounds most appealing to me. Also, I love making friends and it seems that this server has a tight-knit community.

Rules: I will indeed follow the rules, because I don't grief, I don't like to PVP, I barely swear, and I am friendly.

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IGN: itzrxpid

Age (14 or above is fine): 14

Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two): I would like to join this server because I am new to this mod and I would like someone to show me around it and give me a good idea of it. I also think that the no grief policy would be helpful to me because I get griefed a lot.

Will you follow rules: Yes, I never break rules especially on minecraft, I feel like there is no need to break rules. If someone does it just ruins all of the fun. (p.s. I am a very friendly person :D)

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IGN: _ugh_

Age: 16

Why would you like to join the server: Attack of the b-team is my favorite modpack and the server ive been playing on shut down, ive been trying to look for some good servers and yours seems like one :)

Will you follow rules: Yes, i've been part of quite a few servers and i completely understand everything

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    • By HenrikoMagnifico
      Alternative link if clicking on the image above doesn't work.
      Join the Official Yao Pack server!
      The server is is already added to your server list within the Yao Pack, so you don't need to enter any IP.
      The rules are simple, use common sense!
      Don't grief , steal or raid people unless you've come to an agreement.
      Don't build too close to other people unless they've given you permission to do so.
      Try to not lag or crash the server, don't use cheats and so on...
      Please be nice. Let's try make this an enjoyable experience for everyone.

      Due to popular demand, I've created an "official" server for the Yao Pack modpack. The server is up 24/7, and is not whitelisted (although I highly recommend joining the Yao Pack Discord server so that we can get to know you some if you decide to join!).
      The world is never reset, and the server is running SpongeForge. It has some plugin features like /home and /spawn. Other than that, I've tried my best to keep it as close to default Yao Pack as possible. There are no banned items but, as stated earlier, use common sense.
      The community is small but closely tied together. Nearly all who play know each other through the Yao Pack Discord server, so I'd highly recommend you join it and say hi!


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      Welcome to Friendly Survival!   
      This server was made for me to have a friendly and dedicated community so if you as a dedicated player looking for a solid lightly modded server. Then you came to the right place to play for hours on end! 
      Server Features 
      Everything you would expect from a solid server! Such as but not limited to 24x7 operation, regular backups, dedicated site and staffing and so much more!  Friendly for everyone and lightly modded. Yet offer hours upon hours of fun, as we even have skills now!  Minimal restrictions, we don't police the contents we rather police the people where needed. So you are free to burn a forest down with a fully armed flamethrower! Just as long as no one or their properties get damaged in the rampage.   Plus so much more!  Mods in custom pack... 
      Please check out our main Technic posting for the "main mods" and to download too
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      I don't quite know what to write, but I'll give you a quick rundown of the server.
      What is our server? Let me tell you, we like to consider the server semi-rp, what do I mean by that? Well, we like to promote a team/solo based interpersonal world. Create communities, meet new people and maybe even wage war ;).
      We like to keep things free an open, we don't like restrictions, so you can expect looser ban lists, less plugins, less lag.
      What plugins? Plugins on our server consist of;
      - Essentials : The essentials!
      - GroupManager : To manage the groups!
      - GriefPrevention : To keep your builds as safe as you can! (/siege enabled!)
      - Buycraft : To benefit our benefactor.
      What can I be expecting from the modpack? Fun and enjoyable mods, explosives, armour, weapons, tools, quarries, magic, a mod for every person, A tool for every miner, A sword for every warrior. Our pack can be downloaded at this link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/monitors-fun-pack.1263647
      How do I join? Our server IP is legnuts.fluctis.com:27334, and yes, the server IP is kind of strange, we do like to focus on our builds and stuff, but our community is definitely one to promote jokes. The server is whitelisted, we like to make sure members of our community are people who we feel can understand and appreciate our rules and such. To apply for the server, you can join our discord: https://discord.gg/r4T8BV7! All you have to do is confirm you understand our rules, and state why you wish to join!
      Speaking of rules... On our server, our rules are pretty simple;
      No cheating.
      No glitches.
      Also, we do not want players exploiting plugins, nor bypassing griefprevention. As you can see, we really don't want players to be restricted by any means! Our banned items also put into action this same argument, as of now, our only banned items being Watch of flowing time (ProjectE) and Dark Matter Pedestal (ProjectE). 
      Hopefully you have taken interest in the server and community and apply! I have decided not to attach any pictures, but rather leave it a surprise for the people who join.
      Thanks, see you soon!
    • By antimore
      I host a custom modded survival server at home but at the moment I just play with some friends so ofcourse our community is quite small. So that's why we are searching for a few new people that will be active on the server. We do only accept people over 18 and expect you not to ruin everything for everybody. We would like it if you have discord and a descend mic but that's not a must. A big plus is if you speak dutch, we don't mind you speaking English we can do that too but all of the current players are Belgian.
        Some basic rules:
      - Use common sense
      - No griefing, ofcourse that's an instant ban. (But you can claim your own chunks)
      - Be nice to others
      - Don't to anything you don't want others to do to you
      - If you read the rules, answer rules questions with I consent
      - Don't ruin the map by leaving half trees or 1x1 towers
      - Act like an adult and just have fun on the server
      - Don't make any structures that cause major lagg
        The modpack:
      If you get accepted we will send you the modpack and the server ip. It's on technic launcher and gets updated with mods people suggest and like. By now it's pretty complete and has about 210 mods.
        The server:
      I host the server at home on a dedicated pc. It has an 8-core processor and 8gb of ram. Enough for now.
        Whitelist application: Answer in reply or dm me.
        - IGN?
      - Name / Nickname?
      - Age?
      - Timezone?
      - Minecraft modded experience?
      - Ever been banned before? If so, why?
      - Have you read the rules?
      - Why do you want to play on our server? Why should we accept you?
    • By Respawn
      Server Address :
      Discord : https://discord.gg/HKVCzvF
      Website: Coming Soon
      At Hermit Universal we pride ourselves on simplicity. You won't find an overwhelming spawn with millions of different commands here. We have what is necessary to provide an environment of fun! We have minimum of banned items (EE not being banned). Cant find a server that has it. Look no further. This is the server for you. We have only banned items that will bypass World Guard or Protections. We are also a non-griefing servers, so you dont have to worry about losing your items. You will have access to a resource world. With custom plugins built for the server. Claimed land is untouchable by others unless you give them permission. This has been tested a few times before opening the server.
      Other Information, Helpful commands
      /land : Protect your Land.
      /tpa : Teleport to your friends.
      /food : Gives you food every 48 hours (Apples, Steak, Bread)
      /gift : Gives you something to get you started.
      /sethome : Allowing you to set 4 homes..
      /Commands : gives you a list of commands.
      Server Features
      Land Protection
      Voting Rewards (Change weekly)
      Player Economy
      Discord (Join us and have a chat)
      Mineral World (Mining World)
      Low Latency (EU based server.)
      Custom Plugins
      Voting Information
      Every time you vote you will be given a "Key". You can use that key on the chests at spawn labled "Vote Crate"
      Left Clicking: Can view what you can get, Updates every week
      Right Clicking with key: To open the crate and get your reward.
      Banned Items
      All of Remain In Motion
      Dolly & Diamond Dolly
      Fire Stones - 
      Nova Catacysm / Nova Catalyst / Nuke / Industrial TnT
      Dynamite / Stickey Dynamite
      All Chunk Loaders
      All Anchors
      Networking Cable
      Lan Cable
      Void Ring
      TnT Cart
      Note: People caught abusing or using items that are not banned for pvp, griefing and so on will be punished (Most likey just removed from server - Banned! )
      Other Note: Think something should be unbanned? let us know and tell us why
      Other Info
      Getting a starter Kit:
      When you first spawn you will get a "Starter Key" with this starter key you can use it on the first chest in front of you. This will give you one set of tools and armour if you want it. (Gold, Iron, Diamond) 
      Getting out of spawn:
      Right behind the "Starter Crate" there is a purple wool boarder. There are 3 signs on the wall to randomly teleport out of spawn (500, 1000, 1500 blocks) away.
      How to get Vote Keys:
      When in-game type /voting this will display the vote links.

      We have Auto Rank, Our player ranks are as followed:
      Beginner Explorer Pirate Knight Wizard Wither Dragon Immortal Each rank will get their own kit they can use every 24 hours. Other then the kit you will be given permissions with the new ranks
      Beginner Starting Rank Explorer /workbench /depth /spawnmob chicken Pirate /seen /enderchest /spawnmob cow Knight /heal /feed /spawnmob pig Wizard /near /fly /spawnmob mushroomcow Wither /repair /ext /spawnmob wolf Dragon /speed fly /top /spawnmob vilager Immortal /ptime /god /spawnmob witch
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