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Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape


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6 minutes ago, Neowulf said:

Just removed a spammer that was trying to give out a number to call in regards to the recent yahoo account hack.

Ye gods people must be stupid if they're taking yahoo tech support cues from a minecraft forum.


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8 hours ago, TheBytemaster said:

Alright, convince me not to get a reddit account.

It's shit.

I mean, it's fun if you find an active community that's frequented by a person you'd like to follow. For instance, you're a fan of Nerd³, and want to discuss stuff. You join /r/NerdCubed.

But other than that, it's shit.


So... why do you want to join Reddit?

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On 10/23/2016 at 5:55 AM, Melfice said:

So... why do you want to join Reddit?

I already lurk around on /r/amd, /r/nvidia, /r/hardware, /r/warframe, /r/netrunner, and /r/anime.

I've decided against it though, for now. Being able to reply and vote would just waste even more time, something I already have no problem doing.

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2 hours ago, Kocken926 said:

Since our domestic production of whales has fallen drastically, I've taken it upon myself to start some minor experimental imports to stabilize the dumbass sector of our economy.


Or, ya know, I found a dumb thing and wanted to share it :P

I always exercise on the 7.5th day of the week.

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On 11/1/2016 at 4:56 PM, Drewthat said:

I have returned. Howdy everyone.


Welcome back.


Also, I've realized something:

Microsoft powershell can be split up into Microsoft Powers Hell

iDOOMinati confirmed.

EDIT: Why am I such a sucker for these games?


I'd buy it instantly but I'm worried I'd just start ditching schoolwork to learn javascript instead.

Edited by TheBytemaster
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