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Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape


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I think I'm gonna give it a try myself first, but I'll keep that in mind, Munaus.



EDIT: Man, hosting is such an arse... dusted off my Dropbox account again, probably for the first time in three years? Good lord... here's hoping that works, because Google Drive didn't. Pah.


EDIT 3: Edit Harder: Okay... had to add and change a few things after downloading the pack from the launcher, but it looks like it works. Thank fuck. I can finally play it without any problems.
After I check and see how difficult it would be to change some recipes. I want to integrate Fossils and Archeology Revival with... either Witchery or Thaumcraft? Possibly even Blood Magic since that kinda makes sense, but that may be pushing it.
Also, it's probably beyond my ken of even doing. XD
EDIT 4: It's A Good Day To Edit: Yeah, quick glance... balls to that. I'm good.

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Guys, I'm not going crazy, am I?

There was an official Technic modpack that had Butterfly Mania in it, wasn't there? I swear I played on that had the mod, and it had Biomes O Plenty where the butterflies spawned inside the BOP biomes.

Out of the box they don't, so I'd like to know if there's a compatibility mod... but now I can't find the pack.

If it turns out it wasn't an official pack I'll simply drop Butterfly Mania from my own pack, but...

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On 12/29/2017 at 10:34 AM, Melfice said:

Yeah, for now. It's not the first time this year.
She'll have an operation to remove a kidney, which should hopefully stop the anaemia problem.

Glad to hear she'll get better! 

in other news....i queue for a game in HOTS and well....


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for those of you who don't know, there is a team of modders expanding the borders of Skyrim, the project called Beyond Skyrim.

Here's one of Morrowind

Edit. these folks also have a Discord server, where I hang out occasionally.

you lot still here? I'm doing fine, got a proper job where I finally work every day, compared to my last where I got my assignments twice a month

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10 hours ago, Munaus said:

you lot still here? I'm doing fine, got a proper job where I finally work every day, compared to my last where I got my assignments twice a month

I check by occasionally but haven't had anything to contribute.

If you're interested in big Skyrim mods there's a total conversion mod (new world, lore, etc.)called Enderal. It plays a bit slower than Skyrim and has modified mechanics (no map marker fast travel or "learning by doing" for example), and has a decent story and world. I recently played through it and with some side-questing it was approx 50h long for me, but I didn't explore all that much. Extremely well done for a free mod, and I'd say they have better voiceacting than any base TES game.

The full english release came out a good while ago, so they've polished it quite a bit. Still, liberal use of the quicksave key is recommended so you don't lose out on 30min of exploring because a pebble didn't like how you stepped on it and decided to crash the engine.

I'd suggest avoiding spoilers as well as you can if you decide to google about the mod.

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I don't think I want to boot up Skyrim again and install 50+ mods to make it not be a headache to enjoy.

but, maybe, if Beyond Skyrim gets done.... maybe.

hey hey hey, look what Zenimax got for us


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I still kinda use these forums as a homepage for whenever I'm browsing the internet, idk why :P

I feel like Skyrim is the game with the most unfinished total conversion and expansion mods I've ever seen. Kinda weird, but I've never seen one of those cool projects which get hyped actually finished...

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Enderal is finished, they're currently working on DLC for it. It has its own installer so you pretty much just have to click "install". And no worries Munaus, if you decide to play it you won't be tempted to download any mods to run with it since any other mods brought into the mix will probably crash everything :P

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I still drop by occasionally. But like Kocken, I don't tend to have much to mention.

As for Beyond Skyrim, they already have one module out. Bruma. It's part of the larger Cyrodiil module, I believe.
Haven't really tried it out yet, but from a quick run around it looks very high quality.


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I've got a pinned tab in Chrome, so whenever i have it open (which isn't alot since it take up enough memory and CPU time that it can affect performance in things) i check here...was surprised to see something here, i thought it died :(

as for Skyrim, i'm waiting for mods to update/port over and SKSE to get out of Alpha for the special edition. then i'll go and do it. 
as for beyond skyrim, well, i hope i can at least use a few mods with it, otherwise i fear i'll try it once and then throw it in the trash because i can't use mod X because of Y reason, which is a stupid reason...but it will happen. 

also recently got a job with the City I live in so that's a plus! 

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we used to call our voice channel the Screaming Den.

but after +10k bans we now changed it to Honeypot.

general channel is where you want to be for derails and whatever you wish to talk about.

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