My Modpack Won't Work

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  I'm creating a modpack, and before when I ran it I got an error message. Now, when I run it the game shows up as 1.7.10 with 0 mods on it. The modpack location shows it having no mods as well. My modpack location is set to however, my Dropbox link  says and I cannot change it in Dropbox. I'm sure there are multiple things I'm doing wrong, I followed many different forum posts, guides, videos, and somewhere I apparently went wrong. If you know how to help, please do. Thank you.






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Always provide the API URL or a link to the pack details page when requesting custom modpack assistance.

  • Your modpack is not structured properly. It should contain three folders at the top level of the folder structure inside the modpack archive (i.e. /mods/, /config/, /bin/). The /bin/ folder should only contain the modpack.jar file which is simply the correct Forge universal binary JAR file renamed to modpack.jar. Note that the file name is all lower case.
  • Forge >= 1.6 does not use a coremods folder in any way. All mods belong in or below the /mods/ folder.
  • Remve the string "(1)" (or any other number inside parenthesis) from the mod file names. This can cause issues.
  • Your CodeChicken Core is fatally out of date and your NEI mod is from an illegitimate source. Get the latest 1.7.10 version from the author's website.
  • Your Biomes O' Plenty mod is extremely out of date.
  • Your Chisel mod is extremely out of date. Update to Chisel 2.
  • You have Infernal Mobs for Forge/MC 1.8. You need the 1.7.10 version.
  • Your Nature is out of date.
  • You have Sync mod (from an illegitimate source) but not the required dependency mod iChunUtil. Get the latest versions directly from the author's website.

Address these issues and come back if you still have problems.

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