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Mods in modpack don't load properly?

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For the past 6 hours I have been trying my very hardest to get a private modpack up for my brother and my friends to use.

I have followed many different guides on how to do this using this website and after finally finding a hosting website to use to put my modpack on, the mods in the modpack are not working. It just starts a vanilla minecraft instance.

This bugs me a lot since every guide says you have to do different things, which I have done; but it still doesnt work :/ (Such as the actual modpack archive  *HAS* to be named "modpack.jar", when others say naming it anything will work.)

I first made a folder called "modpack.jar" (to be safe) and then made 4 other folders inside of it. bin, mods, config, and coremods. I then got a bunch of mods I used to install manually when my brother and I were playing together and put them all into the mods folder (as it was like that in the actual mods folder in the .minecraft directory.) I also downloaded forge 1.7.10 universal and put its contents into another folder named "modpack" and archived it as a .jar file. I put the modpack.jar (forge) into the bin folder in my modpack.jar (actual modpack folder) file. Finally I put the whole lot into a .zip called modpack and uploaded it to, got the direct link and put it into my modpack on the website. When I install and play my modpack on the technic launcher however, the mods are downloaded (I can see them in the mods folder when I open .technic) but none of them actually change anything. When I looked through the bin file in my modpack (in the .technic part) I noticed there was nothing. Does this mean that I put forge in the wrong place or is it just not supposed to show up there?

Please help!

(Btw, sorry for the large amount of writing!)

I can take screenshots if you like. Just tell me what files you want to see.




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The articles on are the absolute last-word correct articles.

The modpack archive isn't named modpack.jar, there needs to be a modpack.jar in the bin folder of the modpack archive.  Generally, that file is a renamed forge jar.  I feel like a lot of the confusion here is occurring because you're misunderstanding some tutorials.  Regardless, a link to your platform pack is generally the best way to get help since people can examine your files & settings directly.

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Also, I see in the guide in the support section, it says I need to run each mod and get its config files from a clean client install? This might be difficult if its needed as I have about 50 mods. :/

Saying that though, could I install all of them at once on the client and just copy all the configs over to the modpack? As that would make it soo much easier.

I think that the technic team could simplify the modpack creation system. For example having its own hosting site and maybe even just asking for the mods and automatically sorting them into the required folders and such. Not trying to be lazy, just its taken me ages to actually even find a working free hosting site let alone get the modpack to install correctly. Only an idea!

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Right, so one vague comment that I followed the instructions of is all I'm going to get? Ok. I give up then. I've waited as patiently as I have been trained to with a computer so bad, I can type a sentence in a search engine, press enter, and wait 5 minutes before anything even appears in the search bar. I'm not going to waste my time desperately fiddling with folders and forge for hours, having no clue why nothing works. I have found the problem though. I set up everything right as far as I can tell with no other assistance, forge is simply not being installed onto my computer when I run my modpack.

When I first found out about this way to make a modpack I seem to recall seeing something that says its easy and fast.


At the time I posted my last comment I had not explored all of the forums and so had not seen that you stated you cannot make a hosting site for yourself as it would be "extremely expensive". Just because I said something you might believe means I ignore your FAQ, does not mean you need to begin to blank (ignore) me. 

 I guess I will continue my frustrating, continuously failing efforts of finding a modpack with my favourite mods that has a few more than 5 fps on my slow second-hand computer.

Also I have looked around this entire "platform pagoda" and it seems I'm not the only one getting no help with modpack creation. I hope that's just due to lack of available staff, as there is 154 pages of problems and advertisement.

Thank you for your time.


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Every person who requests custom modpack assistance, and provides the requesting information, gets assistance. I do a fair amount of it, but there are others around. I've been out of pocket for a couple days. There are lots of resources for successfully creating a pack if you are careful and methodical:

Overall Process:

If you've looked around and seen any of my posts, the very first thing I ask for in every case is the API URL or a link to the pack details page of your pack. You have provided neither and the download link you provided does not work.

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