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no chunk loader in big dig?

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    • By Deam
      I'm trying to build a teleportation system with Applied Energistics spatial storage.
      I made a teleporting room with the spatial pylons, in which you enter, press a button, the machine stores you on a drive, sends it through a Tesseract to a different place, and at the other place, another machine reassembles you inside another set of pylons.
      I place chunk loaders at each machine, and it works, however if I quit the map, then restart it, then the chunks with the chunk loaders don't auto-load, and if I try teleporting without first visiting the location of the other machine by another method, then the teleportation process fails, and I remain stuck in Storage Cell limbo forever.
      Is there a way to auto-load every chunk that has a chunk loader placed in it, when I start the map?
    • By Targren
      Witchery poppet shelves seem to always be active, and are getting a little ridiculous on our server.
      I tried to disable them by putting this into forgeChunkLoading.cfg
      Witchery {     I:maximumChunksPerTicket=0     I:maximumTicketCount=0 } But, according to Opis, they're still loading.
      Derp. Nevermind. Case matters. Changing it to "witchery" appears to have worked.
      More coffee...
    • By Morpheus1101
      I have had various issues with chunk loaders and anytime a user has them it crashes the server, so im wondering if like with pixie's there is a config somewhere where i can disable them from being made/available ?
    • By Mangles
      Looking for some information on the Minefactory Reloaded Chunk Loader. I can't find any on the internet, apparently my google-fu is letting me down. Is there any issues with the block? Does it require power? can it be upgraded like some other minefactory stuff to load more than one chunk? Any other general information would be great, or a link to a wiki page which has that info.
    • By Enderwitch
      Plz put the chunk loader mod into this mod pack, need it for lots of things! Like pumping lava from nether to overworld mod grinder energy and lots of other things!