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Aetherwars Infinite, Modpack beta testers wanted!

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Hey there everyone. You might've seen me around as the maker of Masters of Minecraft. If not, well, might aswell shamelessly advertize that in the process.

ANYWAY, after masters worked out rather well for my first publicly released pack I decided to act on an old modpack idea I had during master's development that I couldn't make at the time due to a mod that was glitched in 1.6.4. Also, due to 1.6.4 stagnating (as far as possible work and additions that could be done on the pack due to most if not all updates moving to 1.7.10 among other reasons) I decided to keep up with the times and make another pack. This pack is:


At it's core Aetherwars Infinite is another modpack with a story made up and designed by myself. Where masters of minecraft was built for teamwork, with high levels of resources and overpoweredness which was balanced off with armies of overpowered specialized mobs and side systems to tweak the gameplay, Aetherwars tips the scales even further.

In Aetherwars finding so much as one piece of a type of resource and keeping it grants you access to limitless amounts of that resource through the use of aethercraft, a mod with something very similar to equivalent exchanges old alchemical condenser chests and focuses on what can be high impact, unrelenting and overpowered organized pvp or conquest and expansion on a semi-galactic scale.

By semi-galactic I mean the world generation I use and recommend playing the pack in for the true experience is from the New biospheres mod. When I say organized pvp I mean that it's meant for groups of servers or friends to get together under predetermined rules and gamemodes and agreements to go at it with each other rather than an openworld setting as I forsee it can become stupidly unfair for late comers. This is wrapped up in a story that has already happened in the past explained from a character of the old world through the hardcore questing book (which I hope to retexture as a datapad eventually...)  topped with a soundtrack made from songs handpicked from various games that I enjoy or like that plays under numerous conditions thanks to tmtravlr's Music Choices mod. The beginning of the modpack also encourages teamwork due to a "choose your own class/speciality" set-up that I've made through the quest book for everyone to begin with that is accessible straight from the start (similar to master's starting gear in a way.)


As of right now I'm still working away at improving the pack and such but I'd like to have some people to test and share with me their experiences playing either singleplayer or against small groups of friends (provided you tell me in advanced so I can keep track of how many are in). I won't spoil the story here other than say that it's there and that if you play you can give it a read and play it. So if you'd like to test tell me you're interested and i'll send the modpack link your way so you can download it.

Thanks in advanced. Heres some screenshots to get you intrigued or interested. :D

[Touhou spirits + blood moon = @[email protected]]


["You mean to say cats did this to you?" (kitty comet meteor shower while I was out and about. yes, meteors mod)]


[cue stargate music. Yep, chisel mod, carpenters blocks, and that lever is from Zelda sword skills.  could also literally turn this into a portal with better portals mod]


[This is what happens when you douse a planet in fuel and throw a molotov cocktail at it. Flans mods, artifice (for the fuel) and florbs from thermal expansion for tossing it around]


[Ominous rainy night shot! actually taken in survival using a blood magic flask potion with flight and speed on it!]


[Here comes the Darknut Squad... The nether is accessible and even in this world, has it's uses. (such as forbidden magic, zelda sword skills, pigmen, tinkers and witchery.]


[A high efficiency Aether Generation Plant. Tocherino's grow gunpowder reeds at 400% speed, while block breaks collect the gun reeds and put them into four barrels which are translocated into an aether manipulator to be made into high energy storage items for later use in the crafting area. This one was backlogged within a few hours with more than two double chests full of golden matter worth over 100000 aether a piece. not to mention 64x64x4 stacks of gunpowder reeds in barrels worth 192 aether a piece being fed into the manipulator at 4 a tick thanks to the four translocators. (uses thermal expansion and aethercraft, and torcherino mod. and vacuum hoppers from extra utilities if you can see them.]


[A chilling reminder of a planet that used to be there... when will the war end? Annihilated with a Tsar bomba from Rival rebels (crafting recipes for it's items and many many many others have been added with minetweaker!]



Modpack Contents:

Advanced genetics - ObsiLP

Adventure Backpack - Darkona

Aethercraft - Iconmaster

Animation API - The hippomaster21 (permission through ars magica agreement)

Apple Core - Squeek502

Applied Energistics 2 - AlgorithmX2

Archimedes Ships - BalkondeurAlpha

Armourer's Workshop - RiskeyKen

Ars Magica 2 - Mithion

Artifice - Shukaro

AsieLib - Asiekierka

Automagy [Thaumcraft addon] - Tuhljin

Backpacks - Eydamos

Bacteria Mod - TeNNoX

Balkon's Weapons - BalkondeurAlpha

Battlegear 2: Mine & Blade - GotoLink & Nerd_Boy

Better Storage - copygirl

BiblioCraft - Nuchaz

Blood Magic - WayofTime

Botania - Vazkii

Cannibalism - SoraZodia

Carpenter's Blocks - Mineshopper

Chest Transporter - CubeX2

Chisel 2 - TheCricket26, warlordjones, tterrag1098, Drullkus (originally Automatic_Maiden then maintained by pokefenn)

ChocoCraft -Torojima/EddieV

Clockwork Phase - Lumaceon

CodeChickenCore - ChickenBones

CoFH Core - Team CoFH

CoFHLib - Team CoFH

Custom NPCs - Noppes

Cyanos Lootable Bodies - Dr. Cyanos

Divine Smoker - _Reaper_

Dragon API - Reika

Elemental Witches Mod - Hoopawolf (singleplayer only. crashes server. :<)

Enchanting Plus - by Freyjadono

Ender IO - CrazyPants

Ender Storage - ChickenBones

Ender Zoo - CrazyPants

Enhanced Portals - KzariusRex

Ex Nihlio - Erasmus_Crowley

Extra Utilities - RWTema

Falling Meteors - AlexDGr8r

FastCraft - Player

Flans Mods [mecha parts, modern warfare, simple parts, titans, zombie content pack]- Flan

Forbidden Magic [Thaumcraft Addon] - SpitefulFox

Grim3212 Core - Grim3212

Attachable Grinder - iChun

Gunpowder Reeds - Grim3212 (originally Prowne)

Health Packs - Grim3212 (originally LFalch)

Hardcore Questing Mode - Vswe, LordDusk, ScottWears

Hunger Overhaul - Parker8283

IndustrialCraft² - Ablakalblalamanama

IC2 API - SirusKing

iChun Util - iChun

Inventory Tweaks - Kobata

Item Physics Mod - CreativeMD

Jabba - ProfMobius

Loot++ - Tmtravlr

Lunatrius Core - Lunatrius

Mantle - mDiyo

MC Helicopter - TR_GMan

Mekanism - aidancbrady

MineFactory Reloaded - PowerCrystals/skyboy026

MineTweaker - StanH

MineTweaker Recipe Maker - Double Door Development

Mob Properties - Father Toast

Mobius Core - Professor Mobius

Music Choices - Tmtravlr

Natural Absorption - Fathertoast

Not Enough Items - ChickenBones

New Biospheres Mod - BrainSlugs83

Nodal Mechanics - Shukaro

Not Enough Keys - Mr_okushama

Open Modular Turrets [Thermal Expansion Addon] - Poenjabiesous

Open Blocks - OpenMods Team

Open Mods Lib - OpenMods Team

Opis - Professor Mobius

Pam's Harvestcraft - MatrexsVigil

Project Red - MrTJP & ChickenBones

Random Things - lumien

Redstone Arsenal - Team CoFH

Reliquary - TheMike/x3n0ph0b3

Rival Rebels - RhodolPhito

Schematica - Luantrius

SecretRooms - AbrarSyed

SecurityCraft - Geforce

Simply Jetpacks [Thermal Expansion addon]- Tonius

Special Mobs - Father Toast

Soul Shards Reborn - Moze_Intel

Statues - Automatic_Maiden & Asiekierka

Tinker's Construct - mDiyo/boni

Technomancy [Thaumcraft Addon]- Theflogat

Thaumcraft - Azanor

Thaumcraft NEI Plugin [Thaumcraft Addon]- DjGiannuzz

Thaumic Infusion [Thaumcraft Addon]- DrunkMafia

Thaumic Tinkerer [Thaumcraft Addon]- pixlepix

Thermal Dynamics - Team CoFH

Thermal Expansion - Team CoFH

Thermal Foundation - TeamCoFH

Tinkers' Mechworks - mDiyo

Torched - Ichun

Torcherino - sci4me

Touhou Items Mod - Kuroanko

Trail Mix - iChun

Useful TNT - Reika

Utility Mobs - Father Toast

What Am I Looking At? - Professor Mobius

Witchery - Emoniph

Worldedit Forge - sk89q

Zelda Sword Skills - coolAlias

Ztones - riciJak

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Modpack has recently been updated with Quivermobs and Quiverbow mod in replacement of balkons weapons which hardly saw any action due to mostly being outclassed very quickly. :< Along with various config and recipe fixes, but anyway; if you've got any questions or just wanna chat about the pack first before you make up your mind join myself and a bunch of others on esper.net irc channel #Aetherwars and we'll pique your interest further. :3

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      The server is full of life with different worlds to explore or conquer! We have a custom world with big mountains,valleys,rivers and more! Plenty of structures to loot or call your home! We are always trying to improve our mod community by looking for good staff, good players and fun mods!
      Server Specs: Intel Core i9-9900K with 10gb of Drr4 with 5 Tbs on a SSD 24/7 uptime!
      Server Rules:
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