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I've been trying to play Tekkit off of an external drive. The launcher runs fine, until I get to the log in page. The point of playing MCTechnic off of a USB/External Drive is to use the launcher on computers without installing it on said computers. But what if that computer's network has a firewall that prevents you from verifying your account! Without the ability to alter it or disable it?! That would be a very big problem for someone who wishes to play MCTechnic on that computer. So, question: Is there a way to port the verifying process through a proxy site, allowing it the ability to connect to Minecraft.net? Is there a way to trick the launcher into remembering your verified account, bypassing it then? Can you log into that specific installation of the launcher with a different device, and use that same installation once more on the 'blocked' device to bypass the log in? I've been wondering how to do so, and I think other users may, A: Have the answer. Or B: Have the same problem.

I've created this topic to help discover a safe way to do so. Without bypassing the log in entirely, to ensure that you still need an MC account to use the method. (If one such exists.)

So I call upon normal users, instead of the Technic staff. Because they have enough to worry about, and it's about time we solve basic things like this ourselves.

This is not a 'bug report' or a request to 'fix' something. (Entirely) To me this is a discussion upon allowing more users to freely play MCTechnic without these limits. For the sake of curiosity, and expanding the minds of others of 'possible issues' of the future. (A lot of 'OFs'.) Think of it like a puzzle, that can benefit others.

If you find a method, simplify it as much as you can. Make it easy for others to use. Be sure it doesn't exploit any bugs, legal-loopholes, or 3rd party software. Remember, this should be a safe method, that doesn't require an arm and a leg.

So, if you're bored, and/or have this 1st world problem in your life. Try a few things and share your thoughts upon it.     ~<3  Yours truly, Tae.

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      So im new to making modpacks, and i have just made one today consisting of orespawn, legends, battlegear, backpack, damage indicators, enchanting plus, and not enough items. I ran into the problem of not being able to mine any of the dried spawn eggs, can someone help?
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      I'm tired and frustrated with this launcher. First it wouldn't even launch properly and I had to fix that, then it won't even detect 64 bit. I litteraly reinstalled the launcher and java multiple times, I even installed java online and offline, offline first, then when the launcher was open java online, and selected java online, and it still said it already had that in the launcher settings, still 32-bit. I just want to play a modpack with my friends on their server.
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      I really need some help please, it's making like 2 days I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with technic launcher, because everytime I click on play to launch a modpack, it's just closing the technic launcher sreen, load a littlebit and then it just pop-up the technic launcher screen again, I know that Java is not the problem because I tried the 8u25, the 8 251 and the 8 191 version and they all did the same error again and again. I was thinking that my graphic card driver was the problem, but I just updated it to the last version and it did the same. I also did every Windows Update and it did the same again... I would be glad to find a solution.. 
      Here are the last crash report (log) I had:crash-2020-04-19_20.41.04-client.txt
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      I was used to play modpacks on the technic launcher. But today i can't start the modpack.
      When i click on the play button, it closes the window like the modpack is normally loading. But after maybe 10 seconds it open the technic launcher window again.  Here is my crash report. I don't know why is it not working. Can anyone help or know the possible fixes ? 
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      I've played tekkit for a couple thousand hours now and never once encountered the battle I'm going through now. I haven't played in about 6 months or so.
      Some things to note:
      - I have both java 32 bit and 64 bit  runtime environments and I have experimented with a variety of different versions (many recommended on this forum)
      -I have 16Gb of RAM, a dedicated GPU and my nVidia driver is up to date. I have also rolled back to previous versions and encountered the same issues.
      -With any 64 bit java installed on the PC, Technic Launcher will not launch.
      -When I uninstall 64 bit java, launcher starts (in 32 bit) but obviously ram cannot be changed etc... However whilst running, I can install 64 bit java and then change ram settings.
      -Packs will download in this case however will not launch even when RAM is set below 6GB. I get a little java pop-up window saying "Hello".
      Please please please provide any assistance as I'm not ready to give up just yet!
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