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Ultra SkyBlock Tekkit: Taking It Back!

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Hello fellow Tekkit players, Me and a few friends decided to make a map like the "Feed The Beast" map. But a few things will be changed. We will be using Tekkit for one. And it will be a 1-4 player map. The current map we are working on will be the 1-4 Versus Map. Or if you are playing alone then just single-player.


After the black out back at Asimov's Mansion. During what you could only call, a crisis. You awake in side of a strange tube. You are guided out of the tube, and are hurriedly brought to the "Captain". This is what he tells you: "You may be wondering why you are here. Well the reason you are is because the Robots are on a destruction course. And we need your help to stop them. We know you will be able to since you are the robot expert Asimov. The robots have demanded that we get them the required equipment that they will need to leave our planet. And or we will be destroyed along side it. The only equipment we were able to muster up was what you will find in your escape pod on our base. May all of the robotic laws help you!" Now it is time for you to begin your journey were ours ends.

This is the Hard Difficulty map!

Here is the download link to the 4 Vs. Map. http://www.mediafire...155orb64z3o3c26

The others will come soon.

Thank You Everyone, For reading and supporting this project!

P.S. Please Also check out our other map! Asimov's Mansion.

Thank You again!

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You might want to consider adding clay to one of the rewards. Iron items from the zombie drops can be smelted down to iron in the alloy furnace. Also, is your nether void as well? Gold can be farmed from the pigmen there.

Btw, what time were you planing on hosting the server? I may be able to help beta test. Were you planning on chatting over Skype or Teamspeak (for the better audio options)?

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Well we are in preparation of the map, Also to clarify this is a different map from the FTB map. It has the same concept but in our own image, just wanted to make sure that part was clear. XD

Also we are planning on making it open tomorrow, if we can get the main part done. So Warpspeed10 You are our first Beta Tester, I will PM you the info tomorrow okay?

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Pictures are here!!!!!!


As seen above is the "SpaceShip" that you arrived on. From the attack on Asimov's Mansion. But one more challenge awaits. (Read Back Story)


The 1-4 Player options. Hit one of the switches and then you may play the game! I asume you will know what each switch does :P


This is a quick look at the Robot Ships. We are just finishing all 4 of them as we speak. We thought we were gonna be able to get it done this morning but we were short handed due to "Personal Reasons". So FOR SURE tomorrow will be the first open day! Well for the testers at least :P Be ready testers!

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Wonna know what you get when you come up with a super complex system that sounds really cool and fast? A entirely seperate building for the redstone! :P What fun, doing a ton of RS Gates at 3 in the morning and wake up to see some are not put together correctly. Well here you go, Btw this is a pic from last night so not recent.


I also need help on a way to organize the RS Gate as shown below.


Onto a 13 by 10 Wall. But to also have 16 of them. I tried as you can see below but it does not look orignized in any way, also looks a bit confusing. Any help?


Thank You in advance!

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Industrial Miner, Thanks, we are almost done too we are at likt 85% done and it only took us 3 days! We hope to get it done done tonight, and release it tonight or tomorrow. Then back to the Asimov Mansion. The second map in the series :P

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Alrighty, I got the main map done. So now to just modify the "Idea" of it to fit the other map styles. I am thinking of making, 2-4 Vs.

2 Vs. 2 And then 2-4 Co - Op. Does that sound good? Also if you have any ideas on some awesome maps (Adventure, stragety, ect.) you want us to make please do post some ideas. And explain how you want it to look/play. Thank You!

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Here we are I will let you guys check out the challenges while I finish the last few things on the maps. Tell me what you think.





Sorry it is taking so long for updates. I am currently the only one working on the signs for the modders, the mansion, and this map. So progress will be a bit slow. My 2 friends got busy with a few things. But I am still alive and updating the maps!

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Hey, if you would like to change the biome the map is in, I have found a tool for that. It works on Windows because you can change the biome of the chunk you're in by opening up the debug (F3) screen and you can scroll through the biomes by pressing Insert on your keyboard.

BiomeChanger [v0.0.6] - Minecraft Forum

It says it is for 1.2.4, but it works normally on 1.2.5. Just a mod that goes into your mods folder.

EDIT: Yay my 1000th post!

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I might host it for people who would like to play publicly. But I would have to come up with some sort of "Schedule" so that everyone that is playing plays at the same times. So that no one is farther because they were able to get on at a different time.

I am also coming up with a "Helper List" that will tell you all of the items in each challenge. Then a cheater thing that will tell you secrets on the map and rewards you get and what not.

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We are going to host a Live Server with this map! I will be needing people to come and play! We will offer teams up to 2 people. But there may only be 4 teams total. If you are interested please leave a post and I will send you the ip.

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