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"everything" as you wished.

Well, jokes aside. Tekkit is not a finished project so everything about it can change. I can make a teaser but I'll be embarrassed if the makers are going to change something and my teaser will be out of date.

Well, ok, here's one:

as far as I know the new tekkit will include:


wait, what's that? I wanted to hit the "submit" button but I hit the "cipher" button instead D: Going to leave it like that.




So is that an actual encrypted teaser, or did you just make that up?

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It's the real deal but like I said that can change since the pack is still indev.

Oh ok neat.


Well I'm stumped.

EDIT So what is Zetta Industries?  I've found the Github, but there's no information written about it.

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The launcher was updated to 4.316 (beta):

  • Technic now allocates 512Mb of PermGen space when at least 6GB of RAM is allocated in the options.
  • The pack icon is now set as the dock icon for Minecraft on OSX.
  • A new tab has been added to Launcher Options: Video Settings!  You can now control whether Minecraft launches into fullscreen, as well as launch with custom windowed dimensions, from this new settings tab.
  • You can also now disable the stencil buffer from this settings screen.  Some players on older graphics cards may need to do this to play some packs, including Blightfall.
  • There was a little-known set of command line options for the Technic Launcher that would previously control Minecraft's window dimensions, etc.  Those command line options have been removed.
  • The Blightfall teaser splash has been removed.
  • Fixed a case in which solder-based packs with no java or memory requirements could sometimes fail to load.

Update: 4.317 (beta) is live

  • PermGen GC parameters will no longer be passed for Java 1.8+.  This will remove a warning message during startup.
  • If at least 4GB is allocated to Minecraft, Technic will now select the G1 garbage collector on startup in Java 1.7+, or the Concurrent Mark Sweep garbage collector otherwise.
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This was expected...



  • PSA: MineTweaker 3.0.10 reload scripts fail in SMP resulting a client/server desync in recipes, description and an unofficial build with a fix can be found here

Sad. Hope this doesn't adversely affect the mod or his future attitude.

Technic now officially supports Discord, with modpack and server integration.
ALSO - a new official modpack - Tekkit Legends. New things. Big things.


Is this that "Tekkit II" people were talking about, or is this something different? And wasn't Hexxit II supposed to come out first?

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Is this that "Tekkit II" people were talking about, or is this something different? And wasn't Hexxit II supposed to come out first?

This is a new version of Tekkit, for 1.7.10, so I suppose so. About the other thing - Technic likes to do stuff their own way :))

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