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    • By Clawx207
      To join the server you must be on the recommended version of TPPI (1.1.2a)
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      Welcome to our TPPI server! Our staff come from previously experienced admins capable of bringing you a pleasant gaming experience. We are privately owned, expanding everyday, and come from a background of playing on neglectful servers. We hope to change that.
      Note: The server is open to slot expansion if needed.
      Server Specs:
      Intel Dual Xeon 5420
      24 Gigabytes DDR3
      4 Terabytes of storage
      No mods removed with the exception of a few banned items to prevent mass griefing, list can be found at spawn.
      A full list of rules can also be found at the spawn.
      About the owner:
      I've gone by Clawx207 since elementary school. At the moment I got to college for Computer science, specifically Database Engineering. I've worked for almost 5 years in Minecraft servers, becoming quiet obsessed with the concept.
      I do not tolerate griefing. Your sad attempt can be easily erased with a ban & a roll back. Typing the command takes me merely 10 seconds at max. Save us both the time.
      If you have any suggestions or comments for the server, please, feel free to post on our website or in the forums below
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