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where to find texture packs??

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Can someone tell me where I can find texture packs that would be compliant with the modpacks available through the technic launcher? We are using "The 1.7.10 Pack" and we are enjoying it for the most part but the graphics could use some help. I was looking for a texture package I could add to my resource packs folder to improve things? Not even sure if that's possible but if it is maybe someone could direct me to the texture packs and if it isn't maybe someone could share that knowledge with me?  Thanks :)

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    • By Dargnot
      when I try to use the Sphax texture pack with the tekkit classic add on, some textures such as cobble, stone, tools, wood logs, leaves, glass, ect. are default textures. other default blocks have the sphax textures. Its like its missing a certain file. I've tried the 16x, 32x, and 64x. I have 6gb of RAM allocated to it and I have reinstalled both the modpack and the texture pack with add ons multiple times and it still won't work. I never had this problem before. Does anyone know a fix?  I have also tried the texture pack without the add ons and it does the same thing.

    • By DerSaboteur
      Hello, im looking for all the tekkit lite texturepacks out there. I've got the PureBDCraft Texturepack but sometimes ive got a BUG there. the GUI goes white after a time. 
      Pls Show me your Texturepacks
      Sorry for my bad English.
    • By Xaeris813
      I am having an issue when trying to load Sphax Pure bdCraft in Tekkit Legends. This only started with the most recent update. I go to the resouce packs, load the one I want, but then it acts like it's loading it, and goes back to the previous menu, but it's just the default textures.
      Is anyone else having this same issue or know how to fix it?
    • By ilerien
      As topic states please suggest some texture pecks for tekkit legends that wouldn't alter original minecraft blocks so much that there is no point in for example saphire glass or stone bricks(since in quite a few cobble looks better)
      thank you all in advance
    • By xMikyPlay
      ENGLISH: Hello! I'm back with a new package for you! Apparently people have abandoned the Tekkit, and I am here for those people who are looking for a good texture pack for Tekkit. Today I propose the Faithful, as before but fot Tekkit Lite. Good game!
      ITALIAN: Hey! Rieccomi con un nuovo pacchetto per voi! A quanto pare la gente ha abbondonato la Tekkit, e io sono qua per quelle persone che cercano una buona texture pack per la Tekkit. Oggi vi propongo la Faithful, come l'altra volta, solo che è per Tekkit Lite. Buon gioco!
      Texture Pack: DOWNLOAD