can't search for item recipes in inventory

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I setup a Tekkit server to play with my daughter (couldn't find BusinessElite Server, which I used to play), I do miss a few things like the "C" shortcut to make a quick waypoint... but I'm getting used to it

but a serious problem is with the item recipe search not working at all, all items hide when I type a few letters of a key word, browsing trough all the items is a pain...


I've searched the web for an answer but can't find anything, I hope someone can help me with this


also is there a way to update some of the mods?

Thanks in advance for the help




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Not sure if you noticed but this isn't tech support.  You're asking people looking for a server to play on, not people who want to help with your problem.

EDIT: looked at your problem and I can see why you thought this was the right place to go, you're the type who is incapable of pressing a button to find out what it does.  you were on page 28 of your items list, searched for something that reduced it to 1 page, and you didn't hit the next or previous button.  I have no idea how you got a tekkit server to run but you couldn't figure this minor glitch out.

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answering question

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Sorry about posting in the wrong section

Thanks for the answer and insult, just didn't dawn on me to try and press the next button as there was nothing there and I usually use the mouse wheel to scroll, although turns out that works to...

Now I have to figure out how to delete this post...

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