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Fairy Tail is a hit anime series still going on. It is an anime that foucses on magic, wizards, dragons, and all that good stuff. This modpack was desinged to put that all into Minecraft. I am a HUGE anime fan and I love doing things like this. This was a little side-project I decided to piece together. I am well aware of all the other Anime packs out there however, every modpack author adds their own flair into something.


This modpack specifically is going to be used for a Fairy Tail SMP server. There will be PvP, there will be Guilds, there will be quests, etc. The server will be more of an RPG as opposed to a SMP. Although survival of course will still be required. The server will replicate Fiore, the land in which Fairy Tail takes place. Here is a sneak peek of the video.

hxxps:// Suprise - Rendered Optimized.mp4?dl=0  NEW VIDEO COMING SOON

I have Opted against uploading this to YouTube because I am sure it will get flagged for copyright. But as you can see it will be a wonderful expereince. I would love some feedback and am more than happy to answer questions. 

Until then feel free to enjoy Single Player with this pack and stay tuned for the release of the server.

This pack as been tested and is working. For those that may be having issues I need to see a log. As for my recommendations. Make sure you are running the latest Java version. I recommend a 4G allocation but 2G should be sufficient if you are playing on the server.



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What to expect on the server: 
- The pack will update to 1.0.2 
- this will be the official server version for the pack 
- 1.0.2 will include configuration changes which will resolve all biomeID conflicts 
- Resolution of Potion ID conflicts 
- Erza, Natsu, Grey will be in the Guild Hall wandering around (Quests will come later) 
- Working Train System to take you to the various areas of Fiore. This will be free for now however will require coin in the future 
- Currency system 
- Jobs System to make money 
- Quest System to earn rep and money 
- S-Rank Section of the guild hall will only be accessible to S-Rank wizards 
- Map is set to Survival Mode - McMMO is enabled and working 
- Warp System enabled so you can create warps to Points of Interest 

- The map will be "locked" at least at the start because there will be a separate world for resource gathering which you can port to. A locked map means that you are in survival mode but cannot break blocks. (This is going to be my primary focus. I am trying to find a way to not lock out Survival Completely but prevent Griefing. I am open to suggestions. Ideally I want one world. Fiore and you can gather your resources and build whatever you like in Fiore to enhance your Immersion; however prevent the major cities and railways from being accidentally or purposefully destroyed. Fiore is quite large and this makes things like WorldGuard and GriefPrevention difficult to fine tune. Especially if guilds want to purchase their guild halls within these cities. Suggestions are welcome.) 
- Stay tuned for tomorrow night

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The fairy tail pack has come a long way since release and the community is a solid one. I am very greatful for the community and all the reports I receive. I have combined all the updates into this single post. The server is still open to the public, so feel free to join us. Or if SMP is not your fancy then dive in on Single-player.


Timeline Update

Version 1.1.0 - Making Your Home and Market (Milestone Update)

- Player Housing and Markets Fully Implemented (server)
- DimentionalAnchors Added
- Microblocks Added
- Recall Stones Removed
- And Finally - RAILCRAFT ADDED!!! Woooowwwww


Version 1.0.6

- Added Enhanced Portals 3 - Enhanced Portals is an experimental mod. This is a modded server that has a variety of worlds. So why not create portals to link them?

- Added Artifacts Mod - Fiore is HUGE and is itching to be explored. With the addition of the Artifacts mod you may find some powerful weapons. So get your exploring gear on!

- Variety of Configuration Changes

- CustomNPCs has had a large number of new assets added to it.


Version 1.0.5c - Call of the Guilds (Milestone Update)

- Users can now create guilds upon obtaining level 25
- Guild Homes can be set (server)
- Guild PvP can be toggled (server)
- Guild Money is earned by killing monsters. This money can then be used to purchase upgrades for the guild. (server)
- S-Rank Spells foundation has been set up (server)


Version 1.0.4

- Experimental Voice Chat added to the server. It is still being tested and if usage is low it will be removed. (Skype, TS, Vent, Mumble are just as effective)

- Configuration Filed Update - Infinity Orbs added to Dungeon Loot

- Magnolia Tavern created (server)

- Basic Reagent Shop added to Magnolioa (server)

- Advanced Magic Shop added to Magnolia (server)

- Guild System configurations tweaked - should slow up the creation errors (so far it has)

- Implemented Coin Exchange system (128 Gold Coins = 1 Diamond Coin)

- Properly hooked economy into SignShop (current balances are not effect so don't worry)

- Created Server Community Website -

Version 1.0.3

- Removed Familiars Mod

- Disabled MutantEnderman

- Disabled Gravity Platform Placement

- Increased server cap to 30 people.


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Modpack Updated to Version 1.1.1

- Removed Redundant Mods
- Added Enchanting Plus
- Added ThaumicTinkerer
- Updated Botania to latest stable
- Updated Decocraft to 2.0
- Removed Redundant Config

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Modpack Updated to Version 1.2.0

- Added Witchery (will be under close examination)
- Removed some depreciated config files
- Turned off some of the auto-update messages to attempt to reduce startup messages
- Enabled Doom Like Dungeons to spawn in ALL dimensions


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-Celestial Craft Beta finally implemented - Woooooow! **
-Tall Doors implemented
- Ye Gamol Chattels Removed
- MASSIVE configuration overhaul

- Updated Botania
- Updated Artifacts
- Added OpenBlocks
- Added OpenModsLib
- Updated Config Files
- Removed Gravestones Mod



** Celestial Craft is a custom Mod that I developed specifically for this modpack.

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This is a simple update. It was in an effort to fix the LogOut on death bug on the server but unfortunately it has not seemed to work. I will continue to look into it.


- Updated Botania to 223
- Updated Abyssalcraft to



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Fairy Tail - Woooow! has been updated to version 1.4.0
Rise of the Celestial Spirits Has Arrived!!!

- Pack Version Update to 1.4.0 - Rise of the Celestial Spirits
- Celestial Craft has been updated to the official 1.0.0 Release Build.
- Hardcore Quest Mode has been added.
- 36 New Quests added to Hardcore Quest Mode
- 4 New Factions Added.
- Massive Amount of Configuration Changes

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Fairy Tail - Woooow! has been updated to version 1.6.1

- Pack is now available via Curse Client for Distribution in addition to Technic and Feed the Beast
- UPDATED AbyssalCraft to
- UPDATED AnimationAPI to 1.2.4
- UPDATED Armourer's Workshop to
- UPDATED Automagy to 0.27
- UPDATED Bilbiocraft to 1.11.4
- UPDATED Bibliocraft Biomes O Plenty Wood
- UPDATED Botania to 237
- UPDATED Bradon's Core
- UPDATED Chisel2 to
- UPDATED Clockwork Phase to 1.0f
- UPDATED CodeChickenCore to
- UPDATED CoFH Core to 3.0.3-303
- UPDATED Draconic Evolution to 1.0.2-Snapshot_8
- UPDATED Fairy Lights to 1.4.0
- UPDATED Forbidden Magic to 0.571
- UPDATED Forestry to
- UPDATED Hardcore Questing Mode to 4.4.3a
- UPDATED InventoryTweaks to 1.59-dev-152
- UPDATED IvToolkit to 1.2
- UPDATED MalisisCore to 0.14.0
- UPDATED MalisisDoors to 1.13.0
- UPDATED Mantle to 0.3.2b
- UPDATED MineTweaker to 3.0.10B
- UPDATED ModTweaker to 0.9.4
- UPDATED More Swords Mod to 3.0.4
- UPDATED NEI Addons to
- UPDATED Pam's Harvest Craft to 1.7.10La
- UPDATED Player API to 1.4
- UPDATED Railcraft to
- UPDATED RunicDungeons to 1.1.6a
- UPDATED NoMoreRecipeConflict to 0.3
- UPDATED Thaumic Exploration to 1.1-53
- UPDATED Travellers Gear to 1.16.6
- UPDATED WAILIA to 1.5.10
- UPDATED WAILA Plugins to 0.2.0-23
- ADDED - EnderCore
- ADDED - SquidAPI
- ADDED - SquidUtils
- REMOVED - Tall Doors
- REMOVED - Structure Generator
- REMOVED - CustomChestLoot
- REMOVED - FoodPlus

**NOTE: Enabled the Minecraft Forge Splash Screen as many players were getting confused because they thought the pack was crashing at a Black Screen when really it was just the Forge Loading Screen being hidden so you didn't have to watch all the mods and textures stitch themselves together. If you want to disable this loading screen simple go into the config folder and open the file and set LoadScreen to false.

Edited by HalestormXV

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Fairy Tail - Woooow! has been updated to version 1.8.0
Version 1.8.0 of the Mod Pack is here:

The Taint is Ever Growing
- Added Tainted Magic
- Huge Update to Abyssalcraft
- Updated to ArsMagica2 (yeah that's right)
- Updated Automagy
- Updated Botania
- Updated CustomNPCs
- Updated Draconic Evolution
- Updated Forbidden Magic
- Updated ItemBlacklist
- Updated Maliscore
- Updated Malisdoors
- Updated OpenBlocks
- Updated OpenMods
- Updated Roguelike Dungeons
- Updated Ruins
- Updated some dependency mods
- Updated Configs


Prior Update TImeline

Fairy Tail - Woooow! has been updated to version 1.7.1

- Updated Celestial Craft to 1.0.5
- Updated Some Config Files
- Fixed Menu Screen Images

*Check out the Celestial Craft thread to see the changes to Celestial Craft!

 Discuss this update (0)

Fairy Tail - Woooow! has been updated to version 1.7.0

- Added Thaumic Horizon
- Updated Botania
- Updated Forestry
- Updated Forge

 Discuss this update (0)

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