[1.7.10] [PVE] [100 Slots] Pika Pixelmon [NO WHITELIST] [CONTESTS, FUN] [FRIENDLY STAFF!!!]

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When legendaries spawn, why are the messages so vague? They only tell you the biome, not even helpful at all.

​Because that is the mod. You have to find them in game. They aren't just going to be handed to you unless you fill an orb or donate for one. 

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Lots of things are going on the server. We just had some small tournaments go on and will be having another one soon hosted by myself. Come see what is in store, it will be fun!

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All the staff are fully trained in detecting griefs and other losses is someone decided to make a bad decision they will be on them like a car bonnet 

as it is a friendly server join us today ^^

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join us today for some awesome events soon going on that you can win prizes on!

Yeah the events are awesome -- my favourites are probably the pokemon battle competitions :) there are some great prizes, and the competition itself is very fun, and gives another aspect to the game even after you reach end-game

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Tons of mini-games and competitions/events are planed and/or being made I can't wait, there's going to be so much todo :D Plus the community is helping out allot too. :)

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Various members of staff on this server are abusive and unfair. I was one of the people unfortunate enough to believe that they cared about players and lower ranking members of staff but was to put it simply, dead wrong. This network has Operators/Owners who don't want their own server up any more because "its too much work" and yet have not logged in for over a month. Operators who will ignore your questions because they simply dislike you. They even recently had a Head-Admin who told a Jr. Dev to "F*** Off" and then was allowed to keep their position and only after a pile of issues was then demoted and further removed. This same person told me to "stfu" in the open public pixelmon chat of this network and was not punished or told of for it. This network is 100% favouritism based. They currently have a rule that if you want to be staff you must be on teamspeak with a working microphone however one staff member does not use teamspeak at all and another never turns on there mic. This is clearly against the rules set by them but it only works for them as somebody was denied staff for not using teamspeak. This same person who always has their mic muted has ddossed various people in the community, Harassed them, sent them links that can get them in trouble and has broken rules upon rules but no consequences to this person because maybe, as an admin put it yesterday when i told him i had an issue with this person who was promoted to moderator "I don't care what you have to say". Yes an admin told a player that he did not care and this network will not tell him off, will not scold him, because they are too busy being above their own rules to do so. This tekkit lite server holds most of the networks players as they all abandoned pixelmon and hexxit as soon as the going got slightly tougher. I was asked to join staff and when i did i was then harassed for either things i didn't do or things that i was not allowed to explain further with. This servers unofficial motto is. "If they aint your friend then boot em out, if they are then get that rug ready cause we are sweeping the issues under there" And this kind of attitude is exactly why you should not join. The pixelmon server for this network has at most 3 people on and most are always staff and even they dont play, i mean like i said earlier.... the owner doesn't want to play it or even update it further so why should the players feel the need to get on. the hexxit server they have was removed from the network by the network owner and for good reasoning, However, it was then not added back and currently has, No teamspeak, and the staff members are not able to do what they should be because of this.. This server had its cracks and now it is broken, It simply needs to be scrapped however if it is started again i would have to advise first that you steer clear of it and 2 do not expect what you say to be heard and understood for long, Especially if you are not one of the staff members who complains they are being harassed when someone catches a pokemon they wanted or if they did something and got caught doing so.Because their sob stories have kept them in the job for all this time.

PS - As a staff member up untill recently it was required to post a good comment about the server on various sites it is on at leas 4 times a day
Some staff members not only send information stealing links but others have sent nudes of themselves
While this goes on you have staff members who will use in game cheats likeGameshark on pixelmon to find shinies and such
Others will do as they please and not recieve any punishment whatsoever 
Others have to walk on eggshells or its a ban,
They are scared of banning one of their players because they are scared.of getting ddossed
One of their current staff members sends info stealing links
That same staff member will persistently break the rules and dispespect players and higher ranking members of staff.
An operator said " This is not a democracy this is a dictatorship" and " I dont care what you have to say you are lower than me"
Staff that try to help are ultimately banned
They silence all their issues if they can and if not then someone is getting banned.
They do not care about the well being of others.
They used to get one of their staff to harass another server

Basically, don't join this server. It isn't work the stress they cause. If you dp. then be real cautious. If you are there already? Get out while you can. I am sure they will tell different stories but you know that you are capable of making your own decisions. 

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Sorry to hear you feel that way. We all love this server and the hard work done for it by all the staff.

So, what did you all catch recently? :D

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