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  • The contents of your modpack are in a subfolder. The three required folders (bin, config, mods) must be a the top level of the folder structure inside the modpack archive.
  • You are missing the /bin/modpack.jar. The modpack.jar file is the correct version of the Forge universal binary JAR file renamed to modpack.jar.
  • You have EnderIO 2.2.x and Mekanism 8.x. EnderIO 2.2 if for Mek 7. You need to update to EnderIO 2.3.x.
  • Calclavia's mods should currently be considered dead (MFFS, Resonant Engine, Resonant Induction, Universal Electricity) and should be removed. You might be able to get some of them working, but it will take some research and testing.
  • Project Red is out of date with known critical issues.

Address these issues and come back if you are still having troubles.

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