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BTeam Server for youtube 1.0.13c Server Name [PvP][20 Slots][WhiteList]

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IGN: annie440


Why: I want to start uploading on youtube so I figured if I have a youtube server it might motivate me to start uploading videos

Youtube Channel: AnnieCraft Games

Skype Name: Annie4405

Skype message me to contact me

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IGN: DesiredRemedy

Why: I want to play with cool people on a nice server while recording for twitch and to start a series like Mianite or the original AOTBT series

Youtube Channel: None right now sorry

Twitch Channel: PozsanityRage808

Gmail, Twitter, Insta, and KIK: @Pozofficial, [email protected]

Also Age 13 very mature and  fun so rating would be a 7

message me asap because i would like to know sooner than later thanks! :)

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IGN: Rekt_Wee

Why: I want to play on a good server that isn't full of 10 year olds spamming up side chat and me and my friends need somewhere to record as we have not posted ANYTHING yet but we had 25 vids on a different server and we were about to upload the first one were the server went down and we decided not to.

Youtube Channel : Making a new one as my youtube got hacked.

Twitch Channel: Don't have one.

Email : [email protected]

Age: I am 14 years old but I am mature.

Extra Info: I need space for a cuple of my friends to record with me.

Get back to me ASAP pls

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