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Error Installing Modpack

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Hi Guys

Im having problems with my mod pack.

Pack Name "Athoren's Server Mega Pack" but can be found by just searching "athoren" into search bar in tekkit launcher.

The problem is i have made the pack "modpack.zip" and i have found the public link for it

public link "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/68568411/modpack2.zip" or the shortened link "https://db.tt/Co32W2cS" 

on the tekkit site "my modpacks" and edit the modpack called Athoren's Server Mega Pack under "Modpack Location" (This is the direct URL to your modpacks zip. This file must be publically accessible by the platform. You cannot use sites that do not directly serve the file. (ex. Mediafire) i have pasted the link above.

i then launch the tekkit launcher and find my mod pack i click "install" the bar down the bottom of the launcher says "downloading mod:athorens-server-mega-pack-1.0.zip" the percentage completed goes nuts (-4723700%) then i get the error pop up as follows


Error downloading a file for the following pack: Athoren's Server Mega Pack

Failed to download https://www.dropbox.com/s/uvotb3i2652iyl7/Modpack2.zip?dl=0

Please consult the modpack author.


So the problem is somewhere between the links i have posted at the top and what the webpage or the tekkit launcher is getting seem to be different. 

Am i missing something? im hoping its me simply over looking something but i cant seem to narrow it down. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have worked through "Luke’s (Hopefully) comprehensive modpack making guide." but with no luck im afraid. 

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incorrect link to modpack

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​Wow thank you so much. i have been google searching for ages and could not find the solution, i missed (needed to add) 4 characters to the end of my url and it now works, i knew it was something simple but i just could not track down what. Thank you so much. i hope this helps others with the same issue (seems to be common if your using Dropbox)

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