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When requesting assistance it is best if you can provide a detailed description about what kind of problems/errors you are having. It is quite possible that the pack behaves differently for other people. Without that detailed information it is difficult to provide adequate assistance.

  • You should be using the AE2 stable builds.
  • You should remove the "(1)" from the Blood Magic file name (and any other file names). This sometimes causes fatal issues.
  • Your Modular Powersuits mod is from an illegitimate source. Always get your mods directly from the mod authors. You are also missing Numina mod, a required dependency for Modular Powersuits. http://build.technicpack.net/job/ModularPowersuits/ (MP currently has issues with some recipes which requires MineTweaker to fix).
  • You have Tinkers' Construct but not the required dependency mod Mantle.

Address these issues and come back here with details if you are still having problems.

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