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[1.7.10]Vitriol [PvE][30 slots][Vitriol Pack][Whitelist] -Nature, 16+, Everyone very helpful

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Welcome to the Vitriol post


This is a small server that is personal

We are social and partner up with friends to build, so make sure you're social.

Also you will die on this server. And since its a custom modpack somethings may happen to the map.

We just finished the very stable version of the map. But, just in case you should know.


We found it hard to find a good pack for us, so we created a pack of our own

Our Vitriol Pack link: http://bit.ly/1b8JAip





1) Griefing and Stealing is not allowed

[Doing so will result in permanent ban]


2) Hacking

[spawning items, cloning, exploits, ext. will result in permanent ban]


3) Looks around your area

[Look around to see if anyone is living close to where you plan to settle. If so ask if you can live around the area or move farther]


4) AFKing

[there is no afk kick but if you are going afk tell someone else on the server. if no one is on tell use on skype]


5) Chat

[we are all teens to adults we may say something bad or inappropriate]

*If you discriminant or insult because of {gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or mental disability both parties will get temp-ban to take and fix the issue}


6) Keep the world clean

[Don't leave trees half cut off, no pillars, use land that you need, creeper holes]  First warning if too common you will be banned


7) Your account, your responsibility

["My family/ or friend did it" will not matter. If your account does something, you will get punished]


8) Build Rules

[Rules that are at someones build must be followed. {sign says: do not enter} you must not enter]


9) Use common sense

[Any behavior resulting in inconveniences or annoyance to other player should not be done]


10) Always report

[If any of these rules are broken and you don't report or tell the person doing it to stop] when found out you will be temp banned]


11) Active

[If you are not active for 2 weeks you will be banned, we want active people]

*Any ban can be removed if you can give a solid accuse.







How long have you played Minecraft:

What you like to build:

Something about you:

Skype(you can dm me it):

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IGN: Barnaby123456

Age: 19

How long have you played Minecraft: since early beta, I'm not sure of the exact version/date.

What you like to build: there isn't much I don't like to build but I generally build small things and add to them over time (for example I once had grandiose plans to build a giant ornate manor and ended up converting my underground farm into a giant laboratory and decided to settle there instead)

Something about you: I am not Groot

Skype(you can dm me it): barnabus100

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