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Custom Modpack = Vanilla Minecraft


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I've been working on this modpack for well over two days now (just needed to complain about how frustrating making a modpack is xD). So far, I've been doing everything the technicpack.net's "How to make a Minecraft Modpack" but yet no cigar. I load up the modpack and it gets to the mojang screen, yet no mods. It is exactly as this thread titles says it is, vanilla minecraft. I don't know if I set up the files wrong (even though it's according to the technicpack.net how-to), but any help would be appreciated.

The link to the how-to: https://technicpack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204199345-How-to-make-a-Minecraft-modpack

Link to my zip on copy.com: https://copy.com/PAL2qCxayDliposT



P.S This is the first time I've attempted making a modpack. Sorry for any noobing.

P.S.S Thanks to Technic for at least making a how-to. :)

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Bug Reports for the Technic Launcher is for people to report issues with the launcher itself. It's not an issue when your self-made modpack doesn't load properly, that's an issue with the modpack and how you made it.

Moving this to Platform Pagoda where it belongs

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Always provide the API URL or a link to the pack details page when requesting custom modpack assistance.

  • Your /bin/modpack.jar is actually named "modpack.jar.jar". Google "windows explorer always show file extensions" to learn how to prevent this problem.
  • A number of your mods have "(1)" in the title. This sometimes causes problems and happens when you download a file to a folder which already contains a file by that name. Remove that string from any mod files which contain it.
  • You have a very old version of NEI. You should be using the "latest" 1.7.10 version.
  • Your ProjectRed mod is fatally out of date.
  • Your Damage Indicators, Food Plus, Iron Chests, Thaumcraft, and Twilight Forest mods are not from a legitimate source. Re-download that mod from the author's forum post or website.
  • Your Twilight Forest mod is for 1.7.2. You need the latest 1.7.10 version.
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